Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where You Live Friday: Master Bedroom

Y'all, it seems I'm just getting worse at these as we go along. It's almost time for the next Where you Live Friday and I'm just now doing last week's. Oops! At least this week is yards and I think I can handle to get that one up in a more timely fashion. (But I'm not gonna promise...)

For those of you who don't know, my hubby Mr. Fix-It is a builder and homes are our biggest hobby. We move often and we love, love picking out new floorplans, granite countertops, flooring, you name it. And I love to decorate!

This is the entry into our room....

One day I'm going to learn to sew.... like my mom, who made these amazing brown velevet curtains that pool on the floor.

I'd prob spend more time in my room, if I had the time... to relax and watch tv:

... or read... this is what's on my nightstand! Kimmie recommended Jen Lancaster's book and I'm starting with Bitter is the New Black and I love it! I just finished the next book, The Sweet Potato Queens Big Ass Novel. If you've never read any of the SPQ books by Jill Connor Browne, you don't know what you're missing! The next book is one of my child's Birthday Books. I love these! It's a way to document what you do to celebrate each birthday for your child. You know how much I love entertaining... this is perfect to document all those details! Also has room for funny interviews of your kiddo. Then my new Semi-Homemade Cookbook by Sandra Lee (all healthy recipes!) and my collection of InStyle mags...

Right above our dresser, you can start to see our beautiful ceiling...

And - of course - some special pictures hang out on our dresser... oldies but goodies... the top one is one of Mr. Fix-It and I's engagement pics from 2001 during my former life as a blonde. The bottom right is a wedding photo... and the left is a family pic with my parents and sibs.

It's also where I keep my amazing photo album from my maternity photo session with Kristie. Check out her work here! Funny, Big Sis is wearing this same top today...

Man, I got HUGE with baby G-man.... but these are a few of my fav shots in the album:

I pictured the master bath in the Bathroom Tour, so check it out!
And on to the master closet. In our last house, we had his & hers closets off the master bathroom.... so you can imagine my hesitation when I was told this floorplan had us sharing closets again. ;) But there's a divider down the middle (where my dresses are hanging) that keeps us separated. And it houses the full length mirror that Big Sis uses every morning to inspect her outfit and her 'do before school.
As a huge shoe fan (and someone who was formerly in the shoe business), Mr. Fix-It knows by now how to make me happy when it comes to closet space.... he and I worked on this shoe storage in our closet, and it's perfect! At least for displaying all my in season shoes. ;)

One thing on my agenda at home is to CLEAN this crazy closet. I can tell you that I don't wear 1/2 the things in here.... I have a huge range of sizes in here, from 6-16 (yep, I was a 16 when I went back to work after having Big Sis!) But I maintain the same size (when not pg)... so why do I need all these clothes?! I don't!

Thanks for visiting! In 2 short days, we'll be touring yards and garages! I love our backyard in this house - room for lots of fun.
Be sure to check out the rest of the house here! Happy 4th, y'all!


Newlywed Next Door said...

Hahah, I just did our master bedroom post today too! Love yours! Especially the ceiling and colors! I like all of the photos too. Your maternity shots are great and then "blonde" ones are fun too!

Unknown said...

I love the blue and brown combo! And I'm a little jealous of your closet. That is the one thing that our floor plan is lacking, but I'll survive!

MissBliss said...

Love your style! And love your scheduling on your own rhythm!

Great shoe space! I was eyeing your shoes, ha! It's funny, I have in between hair that I used to highlight blonde, and since one dramatic visit to my amazing hair person, and going more brunette, I never went back to blonde.

This was a fun post :)

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