Monday, July 6, 2009

Who likes to read?

Me!!!!!!!!!!!! Who has time? Uh, that's another story.

But check out this awesome giveaway from the sweetest cupcake connoisseur - Kimmie! Earlier this year, she met Jen Lancaster, author of the book I'm reading right now (Bitter is the New Black) and a bunch of other super fun reads. Anyway, she had Jen autograph her latest and greatest, Pretty in Plaid and she's giving it away!

How sweet is that? I've been wanting to read that, but who can afford the hardback in this recession? (Okay, if I was willing to part with my 1 - or 2 - a week Starbucks deliciousness, I could prob afford it. But I'm not willing to go to that extreme!) Just visit her giveaway and enter to win!
And I promise I'll get around to a pic recap of the 4th. We had lots of fun. But then the reality of Sunday and an insanely packed work week hit me yesterday and well.... everything else fell to the bottom of the list. Stay tuned!


*kimmie* said...

You're so sweet - thanks for posting!

MissBliss said...

I am such a reader; loving summer and squeezing in more when I can. I am really enjoying Amy and Isabelle right now, an Oprah pick by Elizabeth Strout. Somehow this book hooked me when so many others I picked up recently haven't.

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