Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to walk the plank!

Just kidding! I can't tell y'all how happy.... relieved.... giddy... I am to have such a cute invite for G-man's pirate birthday party, and I didn't have to do one single thing! I worked with Catherine from Polkadots & Paisleys - she's so sweet and easy to work with! - and she took care of everything. So.... I present you with the results:

This one has a more "worn" look.... would probably look better if it was a brownish color ("tea-stained" as Mrs. Everything so eloquently said!), but I wanted to go with black and red for the party, so I'm going with the top one!

(And much thanks to Catherine for whipping up a blog copy for me to post here and share with y'all!)
Lots of exciting party planning going on in my world right now. Watch soon for pictures of the Semi-Homemade Modern Pink & Orange Baby Shower I'm throwing for Mrs. Everything this weekend! That will be followed by G's Semi-homemade Pirate Birthday Party.
And so many of you commend on my That Friend post.... I'll be sure to come back when the dust settles on the baby shower and fill you in on the fab weekend I had (thanks for asking!) :)

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