Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Semi-Homemade Bedrooms - Ready, Set, Go!

I'm super excited to start decorating/designing three VERY different bedrooms, each with its own semi-homemade theme.  I'm hoping to have a super productive weekend of unpacking so that I don't have to hold these projects hostage any longer!  ;)

Bedroom #1:  the nursery
Semi-Homemade theme:  black & white with lots of lime green!  And modern elephants thrown in for fun
Details:  I'm working on some fun decals - just need to start contacting Etsy sellers.  Contemplating adding some fun Babar stuff. 
I got the bedding last week and I couldn't be happier!  Mellissa was so easy to work with.  I sent her my ideas and some fabric ideas... then she helped me pull it together.  Check out her shop:
Here's the bumper...  stripes and mod elephants and lime green... love it!

And the inside of the bumper is black minky - won't Baby love that?
And the crib skirt... lime green with elephant trim at the bottom.  And a lime green sheet!

Bedroom #2:  Sissy's room
Semi-homemade theme:  A Madhatter's Tea Party
Details:  I have tons of ideas here, lots of them DIY... but I've got more work to do in this room, so it'll probably be the last one done.  I'm focusing on clocks, keys and custom decals.  :)

And here's a little taste of what's to come:  Sissy's Wonderland!

Bedroom #3:  G-man's big boy room
Semi-homemade theme:  Vintage trucks - because what boy doesn't love trucks?
Details:  G's room is pretty much bought - I just need a little time to pull it all together.  Only real project left to do is go through all the pics I took of mr. fix-it's dad's old truck and print and frame them.

A few of the details:

And a few more.  See, I told you I'm about done! :)

It's almost weekend, thank goodness!  It's been a long week and I've still got work to do tonight to prep for my big meeting tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The NEW Semi-Homemade Home: BEFORE

Here's the tour I've been promising!  Since the new Semi-Homemade Home is still very much a work in progress... these are pics from Moving Day, with more to come soon... room-by-room... as I finish!  I'm taking Fri afternoon off & I'm spending the afternoon alone - just me and the house!  The plan:  PROGRESS!  :)

So let's start... with the room that's always my fav: the kitchen!

I love how always pushes us to the newest thing... the next big thing that's not TOO trendy... it makes our houses unique but, at the same time, incredibly saleable.  (He's got a gift!)

I love the black distressed cabinets... the appliances (I've never had a double oven!)... and my fav is the custom hood!  And I wasn't sure about the hand -scraped hardwood floors in the kitchen - but I love 'em!

Can you see the 2 windows mr. added above the cabinets?  He knew I wanted more natural light in there! :)

Details... the carvings on the wooden hood....

The office (aka the last room - always! - to get unpacked!  We can totally work around the boxes!)
Our last office was pretty... but a few details make this one oh, so much better.  We extended the built-in bookshelf across the entire room and added a stained beadboard to the ceiling.

The entry looks the most similar to the last house.  But I'm hoping to brainstorm/research/dream up a new way to decorate those big wall spaces!

A peek into the dining room.  Can't wait for curtain shopping!

The master bathroom has been such a relaxing space... and it seems so luxurious after 7 months at the Summer House in a cramped bathroom!

I can't figure out how to take a picture that shows how BIG the shower is!  I love all the stone work, it's like being at a spa!
This picture doesn't do the bathroom justice, but... mr. moved the bathtub from against a wall to the middle of the room and it's such a focal point!  (It also seaprates our vanitys, which was a must.  I love that guy... but when I'm in the midst of makeup and hairspray and products... I need my space, lol!)

The distressed black cabinets carry into the living room... and - as much as I loved the stone mantel in the last house, it was impossible to decorate, with it's uneven-ness.. ;)  I shoulda taken a close up pic of the mantel.  I'm staring at it now, and it's so pretty...

I love this neighborhood!  This is my view from the (totally unpacked, even still!) office...

I can't wait to work on the Man Cave with mr. this weekend!  (He was so cute in there last weekend... holed up, watching the playoffs!)  We're doing an Oklahoma State theme and he got some of the coolest stuff for Christmas for this room!

Projects and pics of finished rooms to come soon!  :)  I absolutely can't wait to decorate the 3 kids' rooms (yikes!  3 kids?!?), but I'm holding those projects hostage... as a reward and to motivate me to finish unpacking and hanging stuff on walls!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowflakes and Baby Bumps

OMG, I'm 24 wks pg - how did we get so far so fast?  I did a weekly belly pic when I was pg with G-man and in the chaos of life, I just haven't done as well this time... but I'm getting them in where I can!

I love this little man.  He looks JUST like his daddy.  But his love/hate relationship with snow makes him JUST like his mommy.  (Love, in that snow always sounds like a good idea... but going out in it?  See how the hate part comes in?)  G-man first refused to go outside and I was all set with that.  See, G hates wearing a coat (so much so that his teachers at school have to put his on backwards so he can't unzip it and take it off!) 
But once he decided to head out, he was all for it.... for just under 3 minutes.  Did I say I love this little man?

My snow bunny Sissy.  She fires snow balls with the best of them.  Makes the prettiest snow angels.  Builds the cutest snowmen.  And stays out there as long as mr. fix-it will let her!

mr. fix-it and Sissy, enjoying the big-as-Texas flakes!

Pics of the house soon!  I'm so busy DOING that I haven't stopped for a sec to snap pics!
Also to come, I'm taking on Sasha's 11 in '11 - Semi-Homemade-style, of course!
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