Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Semi-Homemade 4th of July

FINALLY! Omg, this work week has been insane. I have worked til 8 at the office all week, and then come home to work some more. But tonight - I'm leaving at a decent hour! I promise....

Okay, a quick run down of our patriotic festivities, food, fun!

It all started with Thursday's Patriotic Parade at school. I had missed the last parade (something Big Sister had reminded me of every. day. last. week. Nothing like the mommy guilt!) But I was there AND took pictures - in case I have to use them to prove to her that I don't always have to miss these events!

She truly was happy to see me....

That's her at the front, as they were lining up for the parade. ;)
Best part was that my favorite mommy was there, and we got to chat the whole time the parade was going on inside (it was 105+ outside - smart move!) She's working in a stressful career, managing the house with 2 kids... just like me. And she's decided she cannot continue with the hours she puts in (like me) and she's doing something about it - going to nursing school! What an inspiring chat... I think I need to get together with her, outside of school functions!

And the back of her outfit - she was so proud of the flag.

We had popsicles and red, white & blue popcorn!

Then we settled in for the Creature Teacher. Yes, she had snakes... 2 diff ones. Alledgedly not poisonous. ;) And Big Sis got to pet a chinchilla. Creature Teacher had the cutest hedgehog and a few other things....

The 4th rolled around and it was time to get ready to par-tay!
I had been looking for an excuse - any excuse - to use 4 sticks of butter in Pioneer Woman's famous chocolate sheet cake.

Can I just say that I really love baking and cooking? I just wish I had more time to do it! And this smelled soooo yummy while I was making it!
Big Sis worked really hard on decorating it....

I had grand visions of a super semi-homemade patriotic party (say that 3 times fast!).... but with the way work has been lately, I settled for pulling together what I could! I have red dishes, so that helps... and we live in Texas, so of course we have a plate like this one:

I threw red, white & blue touches wherever I could:

Look at this cute pic G-man 'made' at school - it's his face as the statue of liberty!

We had strawberries and blueberries.....

Mr. Fix-It grilled sliders and brats (but I didn't get any pics once all the food was ready!)... Mr. Everything made his famous mac & cheese... Mr. Fix-It made the guac that I beg for on a weekly basis (I'll have to post his recipe sometime!)... and my brother brought his girlfriend, her famous dip, and a watermelon!
Oh, and Mr. Fix-It grilled corn on the cob... if you've never had yours grilled, I suggest you try it. You'll never eat it any other way. Just spray on some butter, salt/pepper/season (I love dill, but that's just me), wrap in foil and throw on the grill!

A few things I'd picked up randomly ended up being the hit of the party! The taffy is peppermint and Mrs. Everything's favorite. And we could NOT keep the girls out of the star spangled marshmallows!

Speaking of the girls.... Big Sis and Miss Priss had all the fun they usually do. Here they are, dancing to Lady Gaga - they both insist it's their favorite. (Big Sis is taking a break from her old fav, All the Single Ladies by Beyonce.)

And the daddies should have realized that Rock Band would not be safe with them around.... they had to play!

We suggested they play the (Fisher Price) piano.... and G had to help!

Then on to the fireworks, put on by our town! I didn't get any pics of the actual fireworks, but I thought they did a great job! Here's the Semi-Homemade family, heading towards the fun - live music, bounce houses, food, you name it!Here is Big Sis, watching a hot air balloon land (or take off?) with Uncle Frank's girlfriend, Courtney.

I was so proud of G-man! We didn't get them home and in bed until 11pm and he was a trooper! Although he kept trying to lay down on the blanket (in typical G style - on his tummy with his butt in the air!), and the fireworks kept him awake and confused. But he seemed to enjoy his 1st fireworks!

And those girls.... by now severely sugar buzzed from those damn marshmallows..... running it off.....

Here's Big Sis (with a marshmallow in her mouth - MY goodness!) and Mr. Fix-It right before the big show!

Hope y'all had a fun & safe 4th of July! I've got several posts half written, just waiting for me to have a spare second... so stay tuned!
ETA: I just visited Mrs. Everything's blog and she has tons more pics of the festivities from the 4th! Go check them out!


Sasha said...

Looks like so much fun! I have to try that cake.

Our fireworks got rained out! The kids were crushed, as was Mr. Sasha's brother, since he is the one who shoots off all the fireworks at the ILs.

*kimmie* said...

Such a festive weekend! Big sis and her marshmallows was too cute!

Becky said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a busy and fun weekend.

The PW sheetcake is to die for, isn't it...I love her apple dumplings, too although I usually cut the amount of sauce in half. She has some good recipes, but not so good for the waistline!

MissBliss said...

What a gorgeous family!

Love the pinwheels and the pic of your daughter with the girlfriend is a great shot! so sweet!

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