Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Making an 'impression'

Isn't this super cute? And someone gets to win a complete print of your choice of personalized baby artwork - a $200 value!

Baby Print Art employs a “stamping” process for a child’s feet and/or hands that can be integrated into a unique piece of artwork chosen by the customer. All backgrounds are fully customizable and can include a photo of the child or any other picture the customer chooses.

And they can print literally any color - they take custom requests to match any room. Like this:

I love the combo of the foot, baby face, and hand print above!
Then again, I love the simplicity of just the footprint in this nursery.

And it's not just for babies! What a cute way to capture any age!

Visit Design Dazzle to read more about the process (it's easy!) and enter to win! (But would't this be perfect to do in conjuction with G-man's (still primarily unplanned) birthday!

1 comment:

Schmoochiepoo said...

I love the foorprint artwork!

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