Friday, July 3, 2009

We heart America!

I was hoping to have our 4th of July card and a few pics from yesterday's Patriotic Parade ready to share with y'all, but.... we've been having so much fun enjoying our extra day off together (and getting ready for all of tomorrow's fun!) that I didn't get a chance to pull it off....

But here is G-man and Big Sis before they went to school yesterday, dressed in what little red, white, & blue mommy could pull together last second!

And I'll be back with the wrap up of our weekend BBQ with the Everythings and some of my assorted family.... I love summer!!


*kimmie* said...

Ahhh - they are SO cute!!!

MissBliss said...

They are sooooo adorable! She reminds me of my cousin's little girl at that age, she is now ten and turning into quite the little golf star :)

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