Saturday, August 7, 2010

G-man just keeps on TRUCKIN': A Semi-Homemade "TRUCKER" party!

Keep on truckin'. 

The theme:  To say G-man is obsessed with trucks is like saying that - last year at this time - I kinda liked pirates.  In other words... that boy is all about trucks!  He seems to love all trucks, so I settled on Vintage Trucks (because I was considering it for G-man's Big Boy room - can't wait for you to see it!)

The invite:  Right after I started contemplating vintage trucks... we spent a weekend at Mr. Fix-it's parents' house.  Just so happens his dad owns this old truck that was perfect for the front of G-man's invite:

And it just so happens that I was throwing a Surprise Party for my mom's 60th the weekend before G's birthday.  In Oklahoma, near all our family.  So... because the Summer House just doesn't have much capacity.. ;)  ...and because 2nd birthdays in the Semi-Homemade house are family-only affairs...we held the party at my parents' house - aka The Truck Stop! 

The back of the invite:

(I'll have to share my mom's party with you later. But imagine attending a surprise party in your honor... and then being told another party is being thrown at your very own house. Later that day. But I had taken care of every detail, so nothing for her to worry about!)

The decor:  trucks - everywhere!  While brainstorming bedroom ideas, I had seen so many amazing vintage truck finds that I just couldn't pass up!  Some of them did double-duty to set the stage for G's trucker party!

There's only 2 challenges to throwing a party at my parents' house.  Long distance parties are complicated (so much to pack, grocery shopping to do once you get there, etc.).  And the lighting isn't the greatest.  Meaning there is exactly zero natural light.  But imagine this without the harshness of the flash - it was so fun!
This is my grandmother's sideboard.  That clock is older than anyone I know.  Perfect for our vintage truck theme.  I ditched the original color scheme of light blue and lime green as soon as I ran across so many great things at Hobby Lobby in red and light blue.  Such a happy color combo!

There's so many fun finds on this table.  First of all... those super fun trucks on the tablecloth are from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, that isn't actually a party shop.  Debbie from Paper Quick can make anything, I'm convinced.  She did the toy soldier's for Sissy's Nutcracker Sweet party last year.  And she created these trucks for me (I ordered them in red and light blue and I'll use the small ones in G's birthday book!)

Fun sippys for the kids (another cheap find at HL!)  And I loved the popcorn napkins... perfect with the menu of Truck Stop fare.

Remember how much I love the nearby nostalgic candy & popcorn store, Mom & POPcorn?  I had them do a custom mix in the birthday colors... blue rasberry & cherry... YUM!

The party hat on the right (and the tag in the background) is part of a printable party set I won earlier this year from Esty seller Parties by Hardie.  Their parties are such an amazing value and include everything you'd need for a custom party.  Everything had G-man's name and age on it, and the whole thing was easy! 

You'll see more of the trucker hat later.  I ordered them on Amazon.  To get a reasonable price, I ordered adult size hats, but they adjusted small enough to fit.  This seller had tons of colors for under $4 per hat!

The food:  I snapped this shot before the food was ready.  Just cupcakes and mnm's (we just didn't have parties at my house growing up without 'em!)

The napkin rings and placecards are both from my Parties by Hardie set - love the way it came together.  And that matchbox vintage truck (from Target) was perfect, too!

I picked out these chalkboard canisters for my birthday last year and I just love 'em!  Add a paper vintage truck from Paper Quick and done.  Perfect!

Dinner was a hot dog bar (because after all, we were at a truck stop!)  We had it all - ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, chili, cheese... then we also grilled brats, had Truck Stop Nachos, Mr. Fix-It's Famous Guacamole... and various sides. 

The cake:  Cupcakes and toppers have become my M.O.  So... I'm thinking I'll switch that up for Sissy's next birthday.  But they were perfect for G-man's low key 2nd.  Cheap cupcakes from Sam's (their colors are always right on!), printable toppers in my party pack from Parties by Hardie.  Doesn't get easier (or cheaper!)

The guests:  Big Sis and her cousin Ainsley, cheesin' with their dogs!

G-man does low carbs.  And guac.  ;)

G-man with his Magaw (Sissy came up with that name... and we're still not sure where it came from, but it's not going anywhere!)

G-man loves trucks.  And tents.  This was G-man heaven.

The games:  I'm not really one for games.  Maybe because Sissy and I prefer to just eat and mingle. ;)  But... the 'trucker' theme wouldn't be complete without trucker hats.  And since custom hats for tots cost $25+... We decided to DIY.  Like I said... $4 hats, a set of markers, and we were set!

Daddy helps G-man pull his trucker hat together...

Sissy was concentrating.  G-man looks like he's inspired. ;)

G-man's trucker hat wouldn't be complete without... a TRUCK!

My sister and I try on the girls' handiwork.  (There's a glimpse of the banner that read: Happy Birthday G-man!  I just don't have the time right now to blog-ify it and take G's name out.  But trust that it was all truck and looked great!)

Seriously, these kiddos spent more time on these hats, than the 4yos spent on THREE activities combined at Sissy's last party!


Time for gifts!

Some of my fav gifts!  My sister got G-man the Vintage Truck pillowcases for his new room (from Etsy seller Branch handmade.)
He also got his own tool set - you should see that little man in nothing but a diaper and a toolbelt!

Good ole fashion fun:  Growing up, it wasn't a party without homemade ice cream.  We did it one better by making it an ice cream bar.  Fudge, caramel and candy toppings... mmm!  Perfect for a hot July day!

Happy Birthday, G-man!

To my sweet little man... It's been amazing to watch you grow and change this year.  Daddy and I love that you are 'all boy!'  And Sissy adores you (to a fault, sometimes!)  It's so fun to be your momma.  Can't wait to see what this year has in store!  You are loved. 

On a side note... I've been trying to finish this post for what feels like ages!  But kinda fun that I FINALLY finished it on Aug 7... the day we had picked for him to be born.  :)


C. Beth said...

SO adorable!! You did awesome, Elaine!

3LittleByrds said...

What a awesome birthday he had. I love how you did all the details. I love parties like that. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Email me when you can and let me know when a good time to get together would be. :)

Sasha said...

OMG that was a fantastic party! Love it! Happy bday G-man!

*kimmie* said...

Happy Birthday GMan!!! You definitely outdid yourself with your attention to every last detail! Everything looked amazing!

Shannon said...

How cute are you and your kids?! Your son's party was fabulous and all kinds of cute! I love aqua and red! The theme was great! Just found your blog and look forward to reading more!

PinkFink said...

As always you did a wonderfully sweet birthday party and the birthday boy is ADORABLE! Glad I got to be a part of it by making the little trucks up for it!

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