Thursday, July 9, 2009

THAT friend

Do y’all have this friend? I hope so…. This is the friend who you haven’t actually SEEN in 4 yrs (I can’t believe that, still!)…. The friend that you talk to very sporadically (mostly because you both work like crazy and because this friend is an international jetsetter!) but can pick up like you never left off? This is the friend who just gets you? The friend that makes you laugh til you hurt. The friend that would ALWAYS be on your side and agree that anyone who isn't on OUR side is... well, the enemy. The friend that you had inside jokes with, coined new phrases that you still - to this day - use....

That’s my friend Amy….. She’s coming this weekend from DC where she’s a super important person at the pentagon. Isn’t that cool? The funny thing is….. we worked together in our very first jobs out of college at a retailer in KS…. Picture:
Yes, Elle Woods. That was us. Smart…. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at us or listening to us. ;) Because we were way too into other things (like rather it was a curly hair day or straight - because honestly, you're taken more seriously with straight hair)... or what sale was on at the mall.... but watch out, because if you underestimated us.... damn, YOU would look stupid! (What's even funnier? Wasn't the 2nd movie something like Elle Woods Goes to Washington? And that's exactly what Amy did! She's the foxiest girl in the pentagon!)

I cannot wait to have some girl time!!!! Haven't had any since.... well, 6 months ago, when Mr. Fix-It surprised me for my birthday and sent me for a spa day with Mrs. Everything. We're going to get facials or manis... go shopping, to the pool... she's going to MEET the kiddos for the first time... I just can't believe we let life get in the way like this!
She's getting married this fall in DC and I can't wait to hear all the amazing, big-city details. (Mr. Fix-It and I got married in my small hometown, on a small budget, so I've always been fascinated by weddings of all sizes and budgets!) I'll try to take a few pics... and scan in some from the last time we saw each other - it was before I even owned a digital camera!
This weekend is going to be just what I need to relieve some of this yucky work stress!


Seersucker Scrapper said...

I have a friend just like that. Have a great weekend full of girl time!

MaryBeth said...

I have a friend like that. I love it when we are able to get together! Hope you have a wonderful weekend...can't wait to hear all about it!

Airwin said...

I hear she is super hot.

Becky said...

So fun! Have a great time!

MissBliss said...

Have fun! These friends are the best... my college roommate went off to med school and her mom jokes about the life she had "before this whole med school and becoming a doctor thing"... and she is also the one who was diagnosed with breast cancer during med school and kept going... she really wanted to graduate on time. Anyway, she is healthy now and whenever we do talk or see each other... lots of love and giggles! We spent time in DC, also... at one point I lived with C and her family in Northern VA and we got in lots of trouble driving to and from DC in her little red miata!!!

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