Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year, New....Semi-Homemade Resolutions

First off, for the record, it's not that I haven't been thinking about my resolutions for 2010 for, oh, the last few wks... I have! It's just that.... well, you know me and my.... timeliness.... (hmmm... perhaps I should have added that to my list? Um, maybe next year!)

I'm hoping that, by sharing my list with y'all, you can share YOUR LIST with me.... because y'all are truly some of the best inspiration! So, with that, and during the week of my one year blog-versary........

This year, I resolve to:

#1. To DREAM more. And then put some work behind those dreams. I have several dreams I'd like to make happen in about 2 years. I need to narrow my focus and work towards those dreams... while managing LIFE in the meantime.

#2. To LOSE weight. Duh, I know... but I want to lose 15 lbs, to be exact. This is one resolution I've actually started... after a month of sporadic jogging, I decided to go back to wk 5 of c25k and start there. By the time we go to Vegas!!! in April, I should be jogging 4+ miles. (This is a few trips to Vegas ago.... when I was thinner AND pregnant with Big Sis!)

#3. To CHERISH old memories. The digital age of photography rocks.... BUT.... I haven't really printed pictures in ages. It's embarrasing, almost... So, twice in the last year, when winkflash was having their $.10 sale on 5x7s... I ordered my fav pics from 2009.... it's a few hundred pics. And now I just need to order (a couple) photo books (that hold 5x7s and preferably have writing space in them) and put it all together. I'd love to be a scrapper, but I'm just not. Don't have the time or patience. But I want to start with 2009 and go fwd with something I CAN do.

#4. To BE THE BEST. Friend, that is. To all friends (new & old, near & far, IRL & cyber) that are supportive. I know that sounds kinda harsh, but hear me out. Y'all know that my life is hectic. In the span of 7 days, I work as much as most people sleep (60+ hrs) and I sleep as much as most people work (40 hrs,if I'm lucky!). For my mental health (and in working towards resolution #1), I need to surround myself by people who are supportive of the big goals I want to reach! And in turn, I want to support those friends. My biggest supporters are other working moms, girls I've never even met in person, busy stay-at-home moms, & my own sister! But those relationships that are causing heartache...those are stealing time and energy
from all the supportive friendships!
#5. To PROTECT the future. Mr. Fix-It and I have had this one on our list since we found out we were pregnant with Big Sis in 2005. And I'm appalled that we haven't done it yet. Build a living will that protects the kiddos in the event that something to happens to us. This is so important.

#6. To TRUST and have FAITH. Our weekends are often full of travel, company, and catching up. I can fill a Sunday faster than you can say Manic Monday - it feels like the only day I have to get ready for the next 5 days of chaos! And in the hustle bustle, it often feels like I don't have time for church (saying that makes me cringe!) I tell myself that just talking to Him on my own is enough. But, getting back in church so far this year has already made me feel more grounded and supported. With so many people in need of prayer (the people of Haiti and the family of a friend who passed away suddenly last week), the urge to be there is even stronger.

#7. To PRACTICE patience.
An old mentor of mine used to tell me... Elaine, slow down to speed up. Meaning, that in slowing down, you can actually do better work and save time... Honestly, I've been working on patience my whole life and probably always will. I'm in a hurry. Constantly. But I will try... to slow down.

I'd love to hear YOUR resolutions!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!! I need to borrow your list girl! XOXO

Sasha said...

What a great list. Can I make it mine too????? Change that 15 pounds to 19 though....

Tiffany said...

Great list!!! Last year I did post on my resolutions...this year is going to be a big change in our family and we've got a list a mile long on things we need to resolve to do.

Natalie said...

Great list. Many of your items are things I need to do myself.

Christine said...

I love this list! I think for me the two that resonate the loudest are thinking about the friends I have in my life who drain me and making going to church a priority! Thank you so much for sharing this list! I'm inspired to do better...

Tanya said...

Love this! You are one busy lady! I especially like the one about supportive friends. I have a term for the non-supportive ones...kryptonite! They can really sap your energy.

Regarding the pictures, for the last few years I have ordered all of the years pics from Shutterfly at the end of the year...usually about 200 4x6's. Then just slide them into an album. With a blog, I don't feel the need to scrapbook. But I like having PHYSICAL copies of the pictures in case of major computer malfunction.

*kimmie* said...

I think these are ideas we can all live by!

Can I please tell you that I saw your ticker, and the word baby at the end and had a slight panic moment that I had missed out on some huge news?! But congrats on Vegas! I've yet to go to Vegas even though I only live about 2 1/2 hours away now. Have fun!

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Awww, thanks girls!! I love your feedback!

Sash, I can't imagine you losing 19 lbs - stop!

Tiffany - we're set to have a pretty big yr, too... I'll have to check in on your blog and keep up!

Kimmie - you're cracking me up! Don't get ahead.... we only do 1 baby at a time, and this year our baby is a 4BR, 4 bath with a pool! ;)

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

I love this! I think I need to put some of those on my list!

C. Beth said...

I didn't make any resolutions, but yours are WONDERFUL.

Glad to be finally reading your blog; sorry it took me so long! :)

C. Beth said...

P.S. You know what keeps me in church each week? Having responsibilities there on Sunday mornings. Then even when I don't want to be there, someone's counting on me. Even if it's just simple--helping set up coffee, or handing out programs. I'm not suggesting you offer to run the children's ministry and get yourself more stressed out. :)

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