Monday, June 15, 2009

Where You Live Friday: Bathrooms!

This week on Where You Live Friday the topic? Bathrooms! My hubby Mr. Fix-It is a builder and homes are our hobby. And believe it or not, Mr. Fix-It grew up in (and his parents still live in) a house with only ONE bathroom! Yep, he grew up with 2 boys, 2 parents... 5 people to 1 bathroom! At least they were boys and not girls!

Now we have 4 bathrooms, which is both a blessing (y'all know how much we love to entertain out-of-state friends and family) and a curse (who has time to clean 1 bathroom?! Let alone 4!!)

So, on to the master bath.... which truly is one of the most impressive parts of our house, even though I couldn't take a good picture of it to save my life!

To the left in this shot is the walk-in shower.... to the right, the spa tub.

Another picture of the tub - it's a corner tub so it's really roomy! And deep (esp if you've given in and you're letting Big Sis take a bath in the 'big kid' tub!)

We've had a double vanity ALWAYS in our marriage, even our first little townhouse in Lawrence, KS (it's one of our tips for a happy marriage, LOL!)

Just a little peek at the private bathroom... to the right of my sink!

This is the view from our room into the bathroom. Thru that doorway is the closet that Mr. Fix-It and I designed. I had some, ahem... laundry chaos going on in there, so I'll spare you the pics until the tour rolls around to the master bedroom!

Next up - the guestroom bath upstairs. Mr. Fix-It and I picked these mirrors. We loved them so much (and they were such a good deal at JCP!) that we bought 5 of them and used them in every bathroom in this house!

This granite is also in every bath. And the oil rubbed bronze fixtures are throughout the house as well.

This bathroom is decorated in baby blue and chocolate brown...

I initially thought this tile was too dark.... but I should have known better than to doubt the skills of the best builder around!

The third bathroom - also upstairs - is Big Sis's bathroom! It's done in pink and brown dots, a compliment to Big Sis's pink and green preppy bedroom!

Her bathroom is filled with her initials/monograms - I changed these to B to match her blog name! (Didn't want you trying to guess what her B name was.... Bella? Brit?)

The animal print towels coordinate with this cross....

And a shot of the vanity....

On to the FINAL bathroom... back downstairs, right off baby G's pirate nursery. It's also right off the living room, so it gets alot of guest traffic!

The shower curtain is gorgeous, I need to take a photography class so I can take better pics! I love the accent tile in this shower, too. (Good job, again, Mr. Fix-It!)

Okay, okay, we have alot of iron wall hangings in our house. And fleur de lis. So what? ;)

This is a close up of that berry basket sitting on the toilet. It's the cutest thing... I got it on my very first (and only, so far!) trip to Canton with Mrs. Everything during my maternity leave. We took a new baby G-man and her Miss Priss... ahh, great memories!

Thanks for stopping by to see our bathrooms! See you next week. I think we still have the master bedroom.... and yards/patios, which I'm excited about.... oh, and media rooms - the movie room, as Big Sis calls it. Lots of fun left!


*kimmie* said...

Gorgeous! (of course!)

Your tile, cabinets, and granite are VERY similar to what we chose - I'm so excited to see how it looks all together!

I love the mirror idea. We decided not to do any fixture/mirror upgrades to save on our mortgage payments, so I've been trying to get ideas on replacement ideas. Definitely like the look of the framed mirrors!

Tiffany said...

I must say again I am completely jealous of your home. It is so beautiful! Were def building our next home! Can we borrow your hubs for some of the design process? It'd be a good excuse for ya'll to come back to Kansas for a little trip! LOL!!!!

Lori said...

Beautiful bathrooms! I especially love the tile work in your master bath. Isn't it great having a hubby that can do that kind of stuff! And I completely agree about the double vanity necessity for a happy marriage!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

What a beautiful home. I think your bathroom is bigger than my family room. :) I have been begging my DH to do some remodeling for years. Maybe he should talk to Mr. Fix-it! :)

Jeff9 said...

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Special K said...

Gorgeous! How sad is it that I can't see it all without drawing it all in my head, putting together a bathroom schedule, noticing the ogee edge on the granite, the size and quality of the panels of your bathroom cabinetry, etc etc. Will I ever be able to look at residential architecture again with an open mind again? I think not. Is it fun to see your house, you betcha!

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