Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where You Live Friday - Yard & Garages

Wow, it's only Sunday and I'm already doing Where You Live Friday at Kelly's Korner! What an improvement! ;) This week is yards & garages.... This is the 2nd house that my hubby has built us - and my, how we love it!

We lost a beautiful crape myrtle tree during a storm this year, and replaced it with a gorgeous magnolia tree (don't you know you're in the South, now?!) It's looking a little sad right now, with the temps around 105 lately... but we're giving her a little more tlc going fwd so she'll recover!

I love begonias..... you can see our O-state stone here.... We are THE hugest fans and totally bleed orange & black...

Here is our garage! Inside, it's filled with strollers, a bow flex, my car, bikes, and lots and lots of tools (they don't call him Mr. Fix-It for nothing!)

Moving on to the back yard!

It's the typical suburban back yard, huh? ;) That's Big Sister's weeee (that's Big Sis-speak for playset!) And G-man's is to the right... although they have the most fun when he's on the red baby swing next to her big girl swing.... and now that she can pump herself, it's even more enjoyable for momma. ;)
We've never had a back yard that I've enjoyed as much as this one....There's plenty for the kiddos to do, a huge covered area for dinners and entertaining, a patio for bike riding, a fireplace for s'mores making... you name it!

That patio furniture was our gift to ourselves for our 5th wedding anniversary! And I love the pair of outdoor wall hanging we have on that far wall (you can only see one in the pic)..

Do you see the bird flying over the fireplace? I hadn't noticed him and I guess my camera scared him into flight! That was a project after we moved in.... and if we get around to it, we're going to build a matching outdoor kitchen on the other side of the patio.

My patriotic cuties in front of the (unlit) fireplace on the 4th of July! No s'more making lately... it has been way TOO hot!

We're not going to build a pool until the kiddos get a bit older (and until we plan to stay in a house for longer than a couple yrs!) So, until then, we're living in a neighborhood with great amenities! This is the beach club, which is pretty cool when you live landlocked in the middle of TX! This is Big Sis last June.... I haven't managed to get the camera there yet this year! (And probably won't until G-man's 1st birthday party there!)

Big Sis loves the splash pad.... and G-man is learning to tolerate it. ;)

And another pic from last summer, this time the aquatic center.... the kiddie pool has a beach enrtrance with fountains which is great for the mommas...

Thanks for checking out our outdoor living! If you're interested in seeing the rest of the house - my husband is THE best builder and I love to decorate! - check it out here.


*kimmie* said...

Love the yard!

We've been looking at options for an outdoor fireplace, I love yours being freestanding! Being in the desert, it gets chilly at night even during the summer and I definitely want to take full advantage of our patio!

The little ones are too cute! Love their patriotic gear and I love how Big Sis always looks so sweetly at G-Man! Hope you had a fabulous fourth!

Sasha said...

See, I knew I needed to live by you! We'd spend so much time in your backyard- love it!

Liza said...

I love your backyard! It's my dream to have an outdoor fireplace one day, I love them!

Your community is awesome btw, love the amenities. That beach is too cool!

Kate said...

I love your yard! I want a yard like that-mine is elevated so my mom was always convinced we would fall onto the brick patio.

MissBliss said...

Your style is amazing!

Does your husband do any building in Colorado? We may end up there again in a few short years... :)

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