Monday, March 30, 2009

A Semi-Homemade Baby Shower

A new little cowboy is on the way!
And boy, did we have fun celebrating his upcoming arrival. From bandanas to boots and from George to German chocolate -- we had country covered. My sister Ellen lives in Cowboy Country - home of the OSU cowboys, some 'real' cowboys, and all things orange. So, it was only fitting to throw her a shower fit for western royalty.

I literally, got to the shower 20 minutes before it started, but my sis's best girl friends had carried out our visions for the shower and it was perfect! The menu (because honestly, when you're pregnant, isn't it all about the food? Some of my sis's favs):

7-layer dip with chips served out of a cowboy hat, covered in orange bandana. Fruit & dip are hiding to the right in the pic.

BBQ Sliders - we love tiny sandwiches!

A blurry, yummy picture of the gigantic German chocolate cupcakes - a specialty of my sis's best friend, Jenny!

My sis, the mom-to-be is on the right in this pic. That's me on the left (thank goodness I changed out of my sweats at Jenny's house and back into them before I left! Those bare legs never saw that nasty snowy weather!) Kristin and Jenny (in the middle) made this shower happen!

Drink station! We used galvanized pails anywhere we could - especially for flower arrangements (I don't think I got any good pics of that!) Here we used them for bottled water. And lemonade was at the mom-to-be's request!

Cookie favors in the shape of cowboy boots and hats - yee haw! (Isn't her bump the cutest?)

Big Sister Ainsley and my sister's husband dropped by to help drag away all the loot. I caught them dancin' to the country music we had playing!

It was such a special day for my sis to spend with her closest friends and family. Ellen, hope you enjoy these pics! I was hoping to edit them, but.... you know how crazy it is. I figured I better do this now before it gets buried on my to do list!


Becky said...

How wonderful that you made it to the shower, after all! Adorable pictures! What a great, unique theme.

*kimmie* said...

Those cupcakes sound delicious! What a sweet shower!

ashley smith said...

You all did a great job on the shower! It was lots of fun and you could tell it was all done with love :).

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