Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is all I got...

So, g-man hasn't been himself lately.... today is day 10 of his antibiotic and I just have this suspicion that he didn't recover from his ear infection, as intended. He doesn't have a fever, a cold, anything.... he's just not himself.... and has been having some dramatic (theatrical, I'd say) outbursts lately. And it's mommy intuition, I guess. So, Mr. Fix-It is taking him to the ped today to get checked out..... if he DOES, in fact, have an ear infection, we will be delaying his 6 month shots for the 3rd time. I'm on to him..... everytime it's time for shots, he's sick. ;)

Lately, I'm feeling like we can't win for losing. We haven't gone more than a day without someone on an antibiotic or home sick. Having sick kids is stressful. Being a working mommy, it's even more stressful. Where am I going with this?

Well..... Mr. Fix-It calls me after he drops off the kids this morning, to tell me that Big Sister had goo oozing out of her ear. Oh, and it was bloody. The good news is that this must be in the ear that still has a functioning tube (because the tube in the other ear is falling out). What worries me is that - after 2 sets of tubes and now that she's 3 yrs old - she's not "supposed to be" having ear issues. I love that we always seem to be the exception.

And if you're not convinced that it's an epidemic just yet..... Miss P Everything got tubes this morning and my niece in OK is getting her 2nd set tomorrow. Geez. We all should have been ENTs.

I'll be back tomorrow. With my take on a semi-homemade organization system. Or pics of silly week. Whatever I can pull together.

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Sasha said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!

We are home safe and sound- today went great!

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