Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looks like we've been spared!

I don't know any of the details yet.... other than it seems like almost everyone Mr. Fix-It works with is gone. (Which is so sad. We've both been through more rounds of company lay offs than one should at our tender young ;) ages.) But Mr. Fix-It is still employed! Everything is going down today and it seems like we've gotten the all clear. Whew!! The roller coaster of the last few wks has been horrible. And I'm sooo proud of Mr. Fix-It. They've gone from 60 builders to 13 to.... prob just a couple - and he is one of them! The best of the best! I love you, Mr. Fix-It!

More later - when I can. Lots of other life stuff happening (nothing to get too worked up about, so don't go crazy in your head!), that I'll be able to explain later. And - if I get time - I want to share some cute giveaways and other fun spring shopping I've found online.

Wooo hooo!!


janineem said...

I guess Someone is listening to all the prayers that we are sending up for you and Mr. Fixit and darlings.

*kimmie* said...

What wonderful news!

Sasha said...

Fabulous news! I know that's a sigh of relief!

Mrs. Sitcom said...

That's great news, congratulations. You must be so relieved! Crack open a bottle of champagne tonight :)

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