Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The wristlet

The wristlet: perfect for the essentials (phone, keys, $$, lipstick). THE solution for going from big purse (i.e. the Carly)

to diaper bag without going thru the whole "switching out" process. The best thing to take to the football game, outdoor event, etc.
Anyway, I got the sweetest email today from Erin who wanted to show me (us!) what she got with my Coach coupon. I'm sooo glad she shared, so I can live vicariously thru you, Erin!
Quick update for those of you who care.... Mr. Fix-It, Mr. Everything and my brother Frank (the Tank) have all arrived safely in "The Vegas." All have promised - with a big, goofy smile on their faces - to "be good." Uh, yeah.... I'm sure.
In other random news.... found out that the reason why Big Sister's pediatrician never faxed her school the info they requested was because... she hasn't been seen for a well visit in over a year. And I guess that's required. We, thinking with our damn recession hats on, decided to 'opt out' of her 3 year well visit. Before you call CPS on us, just know... when I asked Big Sister's ped about it, she said, "I'll just make sure she's met a few developmental milestones (she has - like 9 months ago) and we'll weigh her and see how tall she is. No shots or anything major." We decided that we'd skip out on that AND the price associated with it (because our lovely insurance isn't just a prepay... but a % of the cost of the visit.) Guess we have no choice now but to take our well 3 year old for a good ole chat and weigh in. Geez.....

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