Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This much I know for sure...

1. That the recession sucks. And it's keeping me from the elusive housekeeper that I had promised myself would be mine, once I became a full time working mommy of 2. I hate cutting back.
My new philosophy is to just let go. Worrying about a messy house isn't giving me any extra time to clean. So, if you're coming over, don't expect perfection, okay? Okay, done.

2. That Etsy is totally a recession-proof savior. Look at this! For $12-15, you get a DIY dress kit - they send a pattern, fabric, thread, and any accessories (buttons, whatever!) needed to make a dress (or skirt or tunic) for your little tot. Okay, I can't sew and that's kinda a problem... but my mom can and I'm emailing her now! So, all you crafty, sewing moms... visit Little Fish in a Big Pond!
And remember that awesome pirate ship in G's nursery? That artist is back up on etsy!!! Please visit Camary at Hums & Tiddely Poms - she's wonderful to work with!
3. That silly week at school might be silly for kids.... but for parents, it just means alot of last minute scrambing. I'll try to share pics from yesterday's mix-match day, though - the kiddos looked pretty darn funny!
4. That I'm lucky to have a couple friends that are helping me get thru the chaos that is life lately - lots of sickness, no sleep, and managing life in general. I'm so glad that Mrs. Everything can come over and turn a blind eye to the mess at the Semi-homemade house and act like everything is normal. Because this IS the new normal. ;) She doesn't even tell me she can see the bags under my eyes!
5. That ABC has created both a horrific monster of a show and a whole lotta genius. Last night... I'm watching the After the After the Final Rose (at 11pm. when I should be sleeping.), and I declare that I will never again get caught up in this trash. Ever. I'm so mad at Jason that he feels like everything he's done is justified because he's "following his heart" and it's what he's "feeling" so that makes it all okay. Um, no, it doesn't. I feel like quitting my job sometimes, but that doesn't mean I just do it.
Not 5 minutes after I swear off the show for life, they bring out the upcoming bachelorette. And it's Jillian, which is no surprise, but the girl is just so cute and she always has on great dresses. (Remember the cute preppy green and blue one from what is probably now her favorite episode? The one she where got kicked off! Too bad it's from last season and unavailable - I loved it!) Damn ABC....
6. That it's fun to win free stuff! Check out these cute totes and try to win one from Mrs. Newlywed before me! I love, love bags (Sasha is my partner in crime at the Coach store!) and this could totally tide me thru this recession.


Miss Priss' Momma said...

You know, I think I'm going to buy a kit and try it out... it'd be great practice!!

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Let me know - I might buy a kit and we could go in on shipping! I'll talk my mom into sewing it for me!

Sasha said...

I got a 25% off card today..... what do we need? Don't say nothing..... :-) I know, I don't need anything!

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