Monday, March 30, 2009

Nothing - seriously, nothing - could get me out of the funk I was in Friday evening over not going to OK for my sis's shower. Even though Mr. Fix-It really did pull out all the stops... he brought home stuff so we could make chili (my absolute fav!) and he brought home ICE CREAM.... which I haven't had since Sept, when I had to quit eating dairy for my sweet g-man. (Quick update... I've been weaning and we've gotten him to tolerate regular - i.e., NOT the stuff that costs an arm and a leg - so we're working towards 100% weaned. That makes me both happy and incredibly sad. But that's a whole other story...)

So you can imagine how insanely mad I was when I called my mom Sat and she was looking at conditions pretty much like this:

Seriously?! Apparently, this massive storm had missed.... So, I spent the next 30 min calling everyone I know in OK and looking at every weather radar.... And that's when we did something I still can't believe we were able to do! We dressed both kiddos and ourselves and packed clothes, bottles, gifts and shower food in right at 30 minutes. WOW! We had nothing packed - I have no idea how we did it that fast.

Now, fast forward to a few hrs down the road.... and we run into this south of OKC:

Um, WTH? The radar had showed we might encounter some rain. Not blinding wind, whipping snow around and giving us about 1/4 mile visibility. Crap. Seems we can't win for losing. Mr. Fix-It was SUCH a trooper in getting us there. And we arrived at the location, exactly 20 min before the shower started!
Y'all, what a whirlwind.... we weren't in OK for even 24 hrs.... we got back to a house that looked like a tornado had been through it, as we were literally throwing things around to get out of the house. But, my sister was so excited.... it was all worth it.
I'll download pics and will soon share with you: A Semi-Homemade Baby Shower (a snowy edition)


Tiffany said...

I was wondering if you decided to go after all. Our 6 to 8 inches of snow turned out to be a day of cold rain and sleet and the most beautiful weather Sunday! Glad you had a good time.

Mrs. Sitcom said...

Hi, new reader, love your blog! What a great story:) My mom had a very similar experience - her only sister was getting married, my mom had planned the shower etc and then got hit with a nasty flu the day before and missed the whole thing. So glad you were able to be there - what an adventure!

Sasha said...

I am so glad you got to go after all... it wasn't bad here at all and I was thinking about you and feeling bad that you had cancelled your plans. Glad it all worked out!

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