Sunday, March 1, 2009

Comment on this! ;)

Thanks to several of you (hi, Sasha!) that let me on to the little comment issue I was experiencing... Should be all fixed now, so feel free to comment away! (Then I don't feel AS much like I'm talking to myself!)

Quick helmet update: I've told y'all that baby G-man had a big ole, flat noggin (plagiocephaly, if you want to be medical about it). Meaning the back of is head had absolutely no curve to it. Whatsoever. Even if you tried to close one eye and squint or hold his hair down a certain way. We tried all those things. And it wasn't quite symmetrical either.

But, in the end, he got that expensive piece of headgear y'all have seen in the pics (yep, our lovely insurance.... I won't name any names, but cigna, you know who you are.... 'they' didn't pay one dime for it, despite all the good medical reasons given.) Anyway. He's been in it since Jan 16, which has given us a free pass all the way down to Dallas every single Friday so that it can be adjusted. And at the last appt, we're finally moving to every other week appts - yea!!! And y'all should see the progress he's made. I tried to look for pics that show his newly rounded head, but he's only out of the helmet for 1 hour a day... I'll def post a before/after when we're done.

But here he is in his cute onesie from Aunt Ellen.... I love to take him out in this! It says... Just reshaping my head!

And a couple pics of him sans-helmet.... you just wouldn't believe how wonderful this looks to us!


Sasha said...

Ohmigosh- I want to run down there and give him a big squeeze- he is gorgeous!

I love the onesie- that's great!

*Kimmie* said...

So handsome, and love the onesie!

MaryBeth said...

He is so cute! I love the bath time pic! The onesie is great too!

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