Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's madness...

Y'all. There is too much. Too much hilarious commentary about The Bachelor. This stuff is actually BETTER than the show. I love it. And IT keeps finding ME. Don't know how, but I promise I'm not lying.

If you have a few minutes (esp if you're at work and need a second to reclaim your sanity - that never happens to me!), check this out. So funny! Just a few excerpts:

It does make me laugh a little bit that both Melissa and Molly think one day of good times with Ty equals MOTHERHOOD SUCCESS!

Molly meets Jason’s family and is very! wide-eyed! and enthusiastic! about how much she loves Jason! and how ready! she is! to settle down!

What I'm esp laughing over:

And then, a black car pulls up, and I AM SO DELIGHTED by the sight of DeAnna Pappas that I have chills. But let’s forget all that and please consider the following question: WHAT IN THE SAM HILL IS SHE WEARING? Is she now selling real estate in New Zealand? Is that why she has on a business suit? ...because I’m so puzzled by her jacket. Is it shantung? Is it taffeta? The mind boggles.

Jason tells Molly that he has to let her go, and she tells him that he’s made a mistake - a big one. Then her eyes turn into daggers of fire and all of New Zealand goes up in flames.
Meanwhile, back in the limo, Molly says that Jason has made a mistake about five times, and she doesn’t blink at all. I am frightened.
Okay, I swear I'm done....

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Sasha said...

I am livid over what happened....

And I just tried to get on blogger from work today, and it worked, so who knows. Hope I don't get in trouble, but it was such a great deal I had to share!

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