Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is it my fault?

Seriously. Project: Make Sleep a Priority is NOT going so well.... Let me explain (I originally forgot to include this! Damn sleep deprivation, I'm not even making sense!) Last wk, I prayed/begged/pleaded to have just ONE WEEK with no illnesses, no one feeling bad, no parents missing work. And I got that. Last week. So this week? All bets are off....

11pm - The evening is not going quite as planned.... I had a hair cut and had brought home a huge pile of work to do before all my meetings today. Got to bed later than planned.

2am - Get a lovely wake up call at 2am from Big Sister. Big Sister never wakes up at night unless something is wrong. And it was. She was hot and running a fever. Wonderful. So, at 2am, Mr. Fix-It and I have a conversation about today and how I absolutely CANNOT miss my big mtgs, etc.... He has an important training thing, etc. Mr. Fix-It nods back off. I lay there and stress.

4am - Big Texas storms blow through and wake up both kids. But not at the same time. They spend the next hour and a half taking turns being awake until I finally get up.

7am - I leave to take G-man to daycare while Big Sister stays home with Mr. Fix-It. The nurses are going to wonder if he has a crush on one of them, since he was just there for G-man's 6 month shots yesterday and will likely return with Big Sister today.

8am - I arrive at work and a coworker tells me I look rested. While that's probably supposed to be a compliment, I want to smack him.
I'm so jealous of Big Sister and Mr. Fix-It, at home in their PJs on this rainy day.... while I'm in meetings 9-11:30 and then 2-5.... love that. ;) That picture at the top? It's Big Sister - her first Easter - and it makes me laugh.... which I could use today! Have a good one, y'all!


Miss Priss' Momma said...

P was up last night too! I *think* it was the weather... or the fact that all she would eat for dinner was ketchup she licked off her fingers!

I think since FR is done, you should go to bed when the kids to tonight... don't worry about what's on the counters or on the living room floor. You are going to have severe exhaustion soon and it will catch up to you!

RockerByeBaby said...

Awe.... rough night! Woud it help if I told you that you won the Voo Doo Jill soap on my giveaway blog!? Shoot me an email to: with your address and Ill send it out!

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