Monday, March 9, 2009

A different kind of anniversary

March 9, 2006 --- That was my first day back to work after my 10 wk maternity leave with Big Sister (that's her in a Hawaiian dress for Mr. Fix-It's 30th bday party!) Definitely one of the saddest days in my life... I'd had an amazing time at home with her and was loving being a mom more than I'd ever imagined! (I wasn't one of those girls that went into motherhood thinking it was all baby showers and cute clothes.... I was genuinely surprised by how much I loved being a mom!)

Wow, 3 years have gone by.... It's also been 5 whole months since I came back to work after maternity leave with G-man (I came back on Oct 9 - and that marks 5 months of pumping at work!) Going back to work the 2nd time was tougher in some ways because I knew what was coming. That heartache, that true, physical pain of dropping off your precious baby for the first time. With Big Sister, I held out until I got in my car and then sobbed the whole way to work. With G-man, I was crying before I even handed him off to the teacher. I told Mr. Fix-It that I wouldn't do it again.... that if we have a #3, I'm staying home with her/him longer than just a few months.

Whew, sorry for that crazy Monday moment! I've got big meetings this wk on Wed, so I'll try to pop in as much as I can. I've got some pics of my cute preggo sister to share from the weekend! (But for now, one more of our favorites from Mar 2006!)


The Sikorski family said...

Found your blog by way of knottybabywear and you sound like me. My daughter was born Oct 8 and I came back to work when she was 6 weeks. She was 5 months yesterday and I pump 3 times a day at work. Not great fun, but I know it is what is best.

georgie said...

it's kind of sad really... in england we are given a year paid maternity leave, can you even imagine!!! when i had my last child (4 years ago) it was 6 months paid and up to a year off... it was really awesome! and i only work part time, i was actually making more off work then working... i wish america would give moms some more time off with their babies... gx

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