Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend update

One thing is abundantly clear after this last weekend, y'all. I am not, in fact, 22 years old. As much as I thought I could drink like I was at that fab wedding at the Gaylord Texan that I was telling y'all about.... geez. I didn't think I drank that much. (In my dazed hangover on Sunday, when I was counting back my drinks to Mr. Fix-It, I had actually only left 1 drink unaccounted for... which Mr. Fix-It was quick to point out.) I know for a fact it was that super stiff apple-tini (which must have been double the vodka, hold the apple) that put me over the edge. And that was one of our pre-wedding drinks at the bar - oops!

But what made the evening truly bizarre was the mix of company. I had no idea how it was going to be like that old game show where 3 people from your past are behind the doors and you have to guess who each is (does anyone remember what I'm talking about?) Anyway. Mr. Fix-It and I have known the bride for 9!! years. We actually grew up 30 miles away from each other, but met in KS at our very first out-of-college jobs. We were close with her and when we made plans to move to TX, she did as well.

So, I knew there'd be some KS girls there that I knew. There were also some KS people there I hadn't thought of, but it was good to catch up. But what was truly insane... is that somehow, a couple guys that I worked/partied with my FRESHMAN year in college are friends of the bride and groom as well. Those guys knew me as an 18 year old "goofy girl" (their exact words, but what do you expect from 2 guys who were like brothers to me?).... I was blonde, had wild, curly hair, and probably thought I was the next hot thing. Geez.... What was even crazier was realizing that was 13 yrs ago. OMG, we're old.

I was hoping to have a few good pics to show you, but not really. I'm afraid of what the wedding photographer might have caught. But I will say this.... Mr. Fix-It is always the sweet husband to tell me I look nice, etc, but he usually doesn't care if my hair is curly/straight, up/down, if my makeup is a smoky eye/more classic, if my dress is blue or black.... but I wore my hair up and my makeup smokier than I had in ages... and he couldn't stop telling me how great I looked. What makes this funny, was reading Sasha's blog today about the Bumpit. Y'all. My hair kinda looked like this.... but I'd like to think it was more inspired by this last season of the Bachelor. I feel like I must come up with pictures of this to prove it was okay. I promise it was. ;)
Btw, the ceremony was amazing - truly unique and spirtual and sweet. And the venue was perfect - if you've been to the Gaylord, you know it's like being outside, but in the comfort of the a/c. And if you haven't been to the Gaylord, you should totally come down and try it out. But let me know first and I'll come have one of those obnoxious apple-tinis with you at the sports bar.

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Jess Spohn said...

The Gaylord is amazing. I was there when there was a wedding going on and I thought that would be the perfect place, so I'm sure it was beautiful! Oh, and I'd never seen the Bumpit commercial, so I had to check it out. They come up with everything these days!

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