Friday, October 2, 2009

Rap Volume 1 - Oh, and C25K Update

So, by now, y'all know of my love of rap. From drrrty south to just plain dirty, I can't help myself. I love it. And it helps me jog, I promise it does! You've probably also gathered by now that jogging is good for my mental health because it lets me work out aggressions. For example, I may or may not be guilty of getting thru some work frustrations lately, by jogging to Move B!tch by Ludacris. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm just saying.

But on to my c25k update (or how to lose the 7lbs I've gained since I took this promotion!) Just finished my 3rd jog of the week (I'm home this afternoon, thanks to G-man's new ear infection. I have to say, I've never been so excited with that diagnosis. I think y'all know by now that I'm a little concerned about that damn swine flu! But G tested negative for flu and strep - yea!)

Anyway, I'm in that dreaded wk 5 of c25k.... you know, the one where you suddenly jump up to running fo 20 straight min.... when, up until then, you haven't done more than an 8min jog. How did I get thru? Glad you asked. ;) Seriously, if you've never jogged to Rosa Parks by Outkast, you're probably not enjoying yourself. (Horrible with the names of songs like me? Click the link and you should be able to recognize the song before they cuss up your air space!) You will run faster when they break out in that stomp at the end. You've been warned.

I've also done The Shred once this wk. Woo hoo! I think that means that I'll enjoy the 75 degree weather we're having (it's beautiful here!) and have an outdoor pizza party tonight with the kiddos and mr. fix-it. Weekend is here - bring on the drinks!
Until then... I'm heading outside with a pumpkin and a can of spray paint.... at least until G-man wakes up from his siesta!


MaryBeth said...

Ha! I listen to rap (or at least upbeat music) when I run...well I should call it jogging right now. I just started week 3. I had a cold last week and it sidelined me for awhile. Yay for getting through's a killer...

Sorry G is sick but glad it isn't anything worse. I hate taking kids to the ped right now. If you aren't already sick, you're afraid you're going to catch something while you're there.

Lori said...

That's hilarious....I would have never guessed you were a rap kind of girl! It is hit or miss for me. right now my little man and I like to jam to "Low" (Flo Rida). I am just glad he doesnt know what the lyrics mean...and cant make most of them out yet! LOL!

Kate said...

You will do great at week 5 of C25K! It looks hard but it will fly by and soon you'll be doing 30 minutes straight!

MissBliss said...

Yay! I looove this music!!! so fun! hope everyone is feeling better!!!

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