Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm on a mission....

UPDATED: Did I mention my mom-in-law (or mom-in-love as my friend says!) is Paula Deen? Yes... she:
a) brought a homemade (not semi-homemade, but TOTALLY homemade) sweet potato pie with her
b) just let me know that she and Big Sis made cookies this morning
c) taught Big Sis how to 'dead head' our rose bushes yesterday
d) is currently making a yummy dinner, complete with carmel apples for dessert

I'm thinking about asking her to permanently move in....

I'm on a mission.... To figure out something super sweet to do for my mom-in-law. I was honestly blessed with the best one in the world (she doesn't even read this, so I'm not kissing up!) ;) She drove 5-6 hours last night to get here around 10pm and stay home with Big Sis and her strep throat today.

Yes, I've been to the dr. 3 times in 15 days with these crazy kiddos.... and it's not even COLD here yet! Mr. Fix-It and I both needed to be at work this week (especially after missing so much lately!), so mom-in-law to the rescue!

She's here to love on Big Sis for the next couple of days... and while she's at it, she'll have a fab dinner on the table tonight AND my house will look like a picture from a magazine, by the time she gets everything in its place.

Any ideas on a great way to say thanks? Anyone?


Natalie said...

Does she enjoy reading? Maybe give her a new book that she would enjoy. Or a gift card to a restaurant, fave store? Flowers? Or even a new pic of the kids in a nice frame.

Erin said...

It's not very original, but maybe just send her some special flowers and a homemade card from Big Sis after she gets home. Grandparents LOVE to get mail from their grandkids. Have Big Sis color some drawings depicting her and Grandma baking, playing, etc. to add to the card.

My MIL has also been a babysitting lifesaver to us many times. She never minds the 2 hour drive to spend a few days with Daniel. I guess that's the joy of being a wonderful grandparent!

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