Saturday, October 3, 2009

Semi-Homemade Birthday Party: Little Monkey turns TWO!

Calling All Monkeys
To Swing Over and Play
In Celebration of
Ainsley's 2nd Birthday!!

I have a special spot in my heart for little summer monkey babies - especially my niece Ainsley! And her momma (my sister!) honed her super-momma powers and put together this super sweet, semi-homemade monkey birthday party (despite being a working momma and having a new baby in the house!)
The sign above welcomed all the cutie 2-year-old guests to the fun - time to monkey around!

The inflatable monkey stood guard over the loot! (His monkey siblings hung from door frames and chandaliers!)

Look at this wrapping paper - what a hoot!

My sister Ellen has caught on to my Etsy love..... Search 'monkey party' on Etsy and you get all these amazing ideas! She chose this cute pink & brown coordinated monkey party supplies, courtesy of Parties by Hardie. Y'all know how much I love the print & party stuff! So reasonably priced and so semi-homemade! They even have a Halloween set (hmmm!)

Here's the little monkey herself (and her momma!) I wish you could see her shirt - a cute little monkey birthday shirt!

Little brother Carter even got in on the act, with a cute monkey shirt of is own!

On the menu? A Banana Split Bar, of course! We used bananas for a centerpiece before the kiddos dug in!

I love, love these cupcake toppers! And I'm even more impressed that my sis was able to put them together. These are from Parties by Hardie, too - just print & cut, then take a toothpick to the backside....

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Ainsley.....

The banana splits were a big hit! She had hot fudge and carmel sauce and peanuts.... you could also have whipped cream, sprinkles, mnm's (my absolute fav!), chocolate chips, fruit toppings... (Okay, somewhere I have a pic of the banana split station.... I'll have to try to find it!)

I love a casual drink station!

Time for Pin the Nose on the Monkey! The little kids just went for it, but Uncle Jason blindfolded Big Sis!

Avery showed them how to do it!

Me and my big man (I know, I know.... alot of people think my sister and I look alike. I'm just the... less skinny, bigger boned version...) ;)

Eatin' banana splits and coloring monkey pics! (One of my most fun semi-homemade ideas... we just searched for monkey coloring sheets and printed them out!)

There's nothing cuter than a bunch of (screaming, crazy) 2-year-old girls!

So fun! I've got a few spare minutes, so I'm off to plan our upcoming Semi-Homemade Halloween party and Halloween-ify our house a bit more! I love rainy nights at home!


Sasha said...

How fun! I love all that monkey stuff! Happy Birthday Ainsley!

*kimmie* said...

Soooo adorable! I love the pink and brown theme - so cute!

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