Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boo! My Semi-Homemade take on Halloween

If nothing else, this damn recession has taught me how to make BIG changes (in decor, wardrobe, style, dinner!) for LITTLE money. Case in point, my new Halloween decorations!

There are sooooo many fun Halloween ideas out there this year - pumpkin topiaries, glittering pumpkins, sillhouttes carvings on pumpkins, black and white decorated pumpkins..... And I want to do ALL of them, of course! But I'm hoping to work on a couple this weekend and (IF I can pull thru!), I'll share with you soon.

One of the fun trends this year, especially in kids' Halloween parties, is the switch from traditional orange and black.... to a spunky purple and green! I wanted to try out this theme for our Halloween party, but without spending too much.

So.... For less than $10, I transformed some items I already had! I bought a tube of 9 green, glittery skulls at Home Goods for $7, and used them everywhere!

I tied one to this witch's broom (they have these brooms this year at Michael's for $7!)

I had purple and black tulle on hand (duh), so I knotted tulle in both colors on the broom:

I added a few skulls and a witch hat (from Big Sis's costume in 2007!) to this tray of dried twigs. (Looks kinda Wicked inspired, doesn't it?)

And as a centerpiece for my kitchen, I bought shredded purple paper to fill my wooden bread bowl (purchased on my one-and-only trip to Canton with Mrs. Everything during my maternity leave with G-man!) I've loved this thing - depending on what you fill it with, it transitions to any season. (And I've been ignoring the fact that it has lately been filled with toys to keep G-man busy with while the rest of us finish eating. Time for a new look!)

Some shredded purple paper, 5 glittering skulls, and I'm done!

I've also pulled out a few pictures from last year's Halloween

Only 2 days left til we head to the pumpkin patch with the Everythings and we're all excited! I hope to have a super fun, super fall weekend - and hope you do, too! I'll be back with the rest of our fun Halloween decor - inside and out!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I found your blog and had to follow another Dallas lady!! Your fam is just precious and kiddos are toooo cute!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Love it!!!! What wonderful ideas!!!

*kimmie* said...

Oh I love it! The purple and green trends is one of my favorites - what a fun, low cost way to spice things up!

c o u r t n e y said...

You did such a great job, once again! You rock! I love the color combo! Nice change from the usual O & B! I am a total slacker this year and have left the Halloween deco in the attic... I think I'll focus more on Xmas because I am...well lazy. :-)

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