Monday, October 19, 2009

Her Picture Perfect Day

My cousin's, that is! We're in a crazy run of weddings this year after going to NONE for.... oh, about 5 years! And I'm guessing that any of you who have been to a one in the past year or so has seen this idea -I think it's so fun! They have a photo booth set up, and you get to go in and take 4 pics - with your friends, the bride, your family, whoever... you can do it as much as you want (evident by the fact that I was in there 3 times!)

My sweet cousin is 5 months older than me - we grew up together, graduated HS together, attended the same college.... and now she's a Mrs. and I couldn't be happier! Here are the Semi-Homemades hamming it up in her wedding day photo booth. I think it says something about us that the best pic, by far, is the 'silly one.'

This one was supposed to be me and my 2 sisters.... but Mr. Fix-It had his hands full with a walking!! G-man, so.... Big Sis snuck in at the last minute! And I'd like to explain... yes, the top right is our 'silly' pic.... but the bottom left is something my siblings and I like to call our 'Will Farrell' look.... we do it often and we do it crazy.... it's just what we do. We love him. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Ba ha. Too funny.

We were doing look as retarded as you can on top right pic...right???



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