Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watching grass grow....

Here's our land on Aug 1, 2010

And here it is again, on Sept 1, 2010

Nothing.has.changed.  (Okay, shut up, we all know it's the exact same picture... but that's the point!)
OHMIGOD!  Most of you know that patience has never been my strong suit.  And the speed (or lack thereof!) of this building process is killing me.  Or in the least causing me sleepless nights, failure to be motivated, and weight gain.  Seriously.  We've run in to more roadblocks and slow downs than we ever dreamt was possible. And my hubby is a professional builder!

We MUST break ground this week before I lose my mind.  I'm ready to be excited about this process!
But in the meantime.... the view of our neighbors to the back:

And these are our neighbors across the street.  I hope to meet them soon, when we start visiting in the evenings several times a week.  That's how we met Neighbor Mike at our last house and we ended up as great family friends!  (Love Texan hospitality!)

Come on, House of 2010!  Happy Labor Day, y'all!  I'm debating on spending it with a shovel, breaking the ground my ownself!


Sasha said...

What a beautiful neighborhood! Patience is hard for me too. Go ahead- get out their with that shovel! Hugs!

C. Beth said...

It's going to be awesome! I hope the building process starts soon and is a joyful one!

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