Monday, September 13, 2010

And maybe now I can breathe...

Because we have dirt!
(Um, can you imagine what my laundry looked like this weekend?  After visiting the land to check progress both days?  Small price to pay though for PROGRESS!)

Saturday morning, Mr. Fix-It heads to the land to work on a few things and I follow later with the kiddos.  Mr. Fix-It promised I wouldn't be disappointed... and woo hoo! 
We have forms! 
Trenches have been dug! 
I am (finally!) happy to have progress.

Sissy helps Daddy measure, by throwing off the tape measure after each measurement.  In a dress.  Because that's how Big Sis rolls.

And G-man pulls himself away from the dirt long enough to help measure, too.
Oh, and to tell our new neighbor that he is TWOOOOOO. I was thrilled to meet one of our neighbors.  She and the other neigbhors have been chatting about how excited they are that we're building across the street. There are lots of kids in the area (which we knew.  Duh, haven't we been stalking the land every weekend?) and they like to get together and have neighborly shindigs. Perfect.

On Sunday, we go to church. 
Kids nap (okay, G-man naps and Sissy watches Hello Kitty). 
Mr. Fix-It and I switch up our workout routines and do the C25K (prob more on this later... I've been with my current running and treadmill location in the Summer House!)
Then we head to the land.  We can see the orange netting from down the block - MORE changes!!  I kiss Mr. Fix-It.  ;)

Plumbing work has been done.  Here, Mr. Fix-It is standing in the master bathroom.  I have to say, since we're building the same floor plan as our last house (with a few modifications and more sqft), it is MUCH easier to visualize than any of our previous houses!

Um, this is one way to meet your new neighbors!  Think they'll mind?  They have a couple dogs and Sis was trying to get a closer look! 

Next up:  we've gotta pass a few inspections before we can pour the foundation.  Keep your fingers crossed for green tags, perfect scheduling and NO RAIN!



3LittleByrds said...

How exciting to watch progress. I can't wait to see the final product and maybe get a tour. I know it will be beautiful.

C. Beth said...

So exciting! Congrats!

Sasha said...

Yay for progress! So excited for you guys.

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