Monday, September 6, 2010

The "Summer House" List

Remember that super cute idea I saw on eighteen25 about making a "summer list" of all the fun things you wanted to do over the summer?  Remember that it was back in June when I blogged about it?  And remember that I was so excited to get started, that we sat down as a family that very day and pulled together our list?

Well..... this summer has gone anything but according to plan.... So, I decided to make ours a "Summer HOUSE" list - a list of all the super fun things we're going to do before we move out of the Summer house.  A list that will keep our minds OFF the fact that we're still IN the Summer house (and will be thru Oct... Nov... parts of Dec...)  So our list now includes items like:

Carve pumpkins
Go to a football game
Eat turkey
Make a recipe with pumpkin in it

Mr. Fix-It is gonna hang my masterpiece next to the giant calendar/countdown in the dining room.  (Ohmigosh, I won't be sad to say goodbye to the horrible lighting in this place either!)  We should be getting our permit back tomorrow (from what appears to be THE slowest small town in TX!) and then watch out!  You'll finally be getting progress updates on the 2010 Semi-Homemade House!

Enjoy the last day of summer!  We sure have - we went swimmin' and then crashed at The Everythings for some yummy grillin'! 


1 comment:

Jeena said...

I love the list. I am so far behind on your blog, but the glad I caught up tonight. I think I may make a list of my own. *wink*

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