Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Concrete

Have you ever seen more beautiful concrete?  OMG, I could just break out in song!  Tonight we visited our slab.  Our 12.hour.old slab.  

Which was just the kinda progress we needed to have after a typical day in the Summer House.  (You know, the kind where you come home from work to find a love note from the office.  About how your satellite dish - the one that's been there for 4 months now - is not installed to code.  Mr. Apartment Mgr, you sooo do not want to get into a pissing contest with me.  Let's start with the dishwasher that could wake a person 2 suburbs away.  Or what about how the people upstairs flooded our master bath last wk.  And you sent someone to fix the ceiling in the 2 spots where we had DOWNPOURS.  But that painter that was supposed to come take care of what looks like war damage?  Yep, still waiting.  And don't get me started on the smell.  That bomb you set off only kept the odors at bay for a wk.)

Anyway....  ;)  Check out how cute Sissy and G-man are, sitting in my soon.to.be master shower.  It'll be a beautiful, walk-in shower.... and I'm picking tile a week from today!

Check out my rockin' dance floor!

mr. fix-it is already hanging out in the new bar...

And Big Sis posted up at the front porch.  Can you tell how comfy we are here already?!

And to show you just how ready we are to actually LIVE here... This pic is from Fri.  Here's mr. fix-it with his green tag.  We passed an inspection Fri and another one yesterday, so we could have Slab Day today!

Here you can see some of the cables and such... what goes on under the floor!

And G-man?  Still obsessed.  with dirt.

Stay tuned!!  The frame goes up THURSDAY!



Tiffany said...

So exciting Elaine!!! Glad you guys are making progress! Can't wait for my virtual tour of the finished home :)

Sasha said...

So exciting! Looks great so far!

C. Beth said...


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