Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What are YOU gonna be?

I LOVE OCTOBER!  Those of you who know me well, know that it's probably my fav month!  What's not to love about the pumpkin patch, homecoming (with its parade, walkaround, sea of orange, and the big game!), and Halloween!  I have never outgrown my obsession with dressing up!  When else do I get to abandon my real life persona (thirty-something, full-time working, momma of 2) and be WHATEVER I want? 

Sis and I have been brainstorming our costumes for a few weeks now..... and over the holiday weekend, she put together HER Top 5:

1.  Batgirl (but not just any Batgirl... the PINK one!)

And G-man would just have to be her Batman (I like the one with the muscles, lol!)

2.  Cat - she's never mentioned wanting to be a cat before, but after seeing this cute costume, I can't really blame her for picking it!

3.  Southern Belle - I have to say, a part of me (the same part that loves her Southern drawl!) is just lovin' that she picked this in her top 5!  I don't really love the mermaid-like color combo, but I could def see her in a hoop skirt!

4.  Hannah Montana - the choice she mentions the most often, but that I often don't quite hear.  ;)

5.  Alice in Wonderland - there's the sassy version and the sweet version.  And while I usually go for tradition and know that Sissy would make a sweet, traditional Alice... I'm liking the sass!

Now that Sis has narrowed it down, I've gotta spend some time with G-man and see what he likes!  And I have a few ideas for myself.... but since we can't throw a Halloween party at our house this year, I've gotta find somewhere to go and dress up!



Tiffany said...

Are you guys all safe after the storms last night?

Love all of those costumes but think sassy Alice is my fav! Dalton and I have spent like the last week looking at costumes online. I wish he could narrow it down to 5. The kid is so indecisive.

Ande's Wife said...

LOVE the sassy Alice! I could totally see your little one rockin' that costume =)

3LittleByrds said...

I love the choices. Hannah Montana would be my least fav. also. Alice in Wonderland has been our pick too. Can't wait to see what yall end up with.

Sasha said...

Love them all! WC wants to be Spiderman....

Decal Monograms said...

Cute costumes- we had the belle one last year for my middle child.

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