Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to the basics - it's SCHOOL time!

The kids have been back to school for 2 whole weeks... so I'm finally getting a chance to show you the big day!  We started the year with appreciating our new teachers (y'all know how much we love teachers!)

$3 fun clipboard from Walmart
+ popcorn from our local shoppe
+ a handwritten note (I used the apple notes from The TomKat Studio!) 
+ tulle
= several happy lead teachers!

And we love assistant teachers, too!  For them:  a bag of savory popcorn with a candied popcorn ball and a note about how much we appreciate them.   Big Sis and G-man loved picking out the flavors!

Here's Big Sis on her first day of Pre-K - I can't believe it!  She's so grown up... when I picked her up after the first day, she showed me her pencil case and composition notebook and everything!  (When did she get so grown up?!?)

Big Sis with her onery brother on their first day of school

I'm surprised to say... but I just love my pretty girl in a UNIFORM!  Being the girly girl that she is, we didn't waste time with shorts/pants/skorts... so nothing but jumpers Mon-Thurs!

But watch out for Fridays - when her true style comes out.  ;)
Happy back to school, y'all!


C. Beth said...

That last photo is PRICELESS. The smile on die for! :)

Ellen said...

Is she wearing the zany bandz from Ainsley on her first day of school? :)

*kimmie* said...

LOVE your kids. You're lucky I moved to CA, because I might want to scoop them up and keep them for my own!

As always, your gifts are the perfect balance of thoughtful, useful, and adorable! I think your teachers are lucky to have your kids for so many reasons!

I didn't know that Big Sis went to school there! She rocks that uniform equally well as her Friday fun outfits - too cute!

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