Friday, September 10, 2010

Put 'Em Up or Tee Up?

So, I'll tell you this..... I haven't run any of these ideas by G-man yet.... But.  Here is MY Top 5 list for G-man's Halloween Costumes.  I plan on getting his opinion tomorrow.  But, of course, I want to hear what you think, too!

1.  A boxer - lately it is NOT unusual for me to get a call at work from the kiddos' school.  And it's almost always an 'incident report' about G.  That kid is all boy, a total bruiser.  Depending on the day, we might not even have to add the fake shiner.  Love this one!

2.  A Golfer - it's almost the anti-costume of #1 and I love it equally.  ;)  Mr. Fix-It lit up when I showed him this costume, complete with the set of golf clubs and bag.

3.  Lil Frankenstein - I don't know what it is about this one, but I can totally see G-man as a Lil Frank.  (Mr. Fix-It brought up a good point.... G prob will NOT wear anything on his head.  Which seriously takes out 92% of all boy costumes.  Geez.)

4.  Woody (or Buzz Lightyear) - this boy is OBSESSED with the Toy Story movies.  He'll stay glued for  (Moms of 2 yr old boys know how amazing that is!)  He's got Woody and Buzz toys, cars, movies, even a hooded towel!

5.  A Lil Devil - I couldn't resist this one!  For all those days he's being insanely onery.  ;)

Now... to figure out what I'm going to be! :)  Last year, I was a semi-homemade witch.  I bought a witch hat, spiced it up with some purple and green tulle, and wore my black dress.  This year?  Maybe... the Queen of Hearts.  Same black dress with some heart accessories?  I heart Halloween!


C. Beth said...

Love the Queen of Hearts idea for you!

I personally think the golfer is SO cute and unique...probably the only golfer you'd see out there. The boxer is totally cute, but is he the type that would have even more "incident reports" after getting to wear the cool boxing gloves on Halloween? :)

Ellen said...

I have narrowed down to the top 2 for C. Funny how we think alike. C, like G, will not be wearing anything on his head so I have been thinking that route for him. Good luck deciding!

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