Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Summer House List: #21

So, most of the items on the Summer House List are family activities.  In fact, I think only 2 are specific to just one person.  One of them?  Take a photography class with Mrs. Everything.

Those of y'all that have read this blog for awhile, know that's been on my to do list... longer than I've been blogging.  But we finally did it!  Mrs. Everything found a local photog Jenna (of That Wife) to help us learn a few things. 

Our main objective:  To learn enough to take (slightly) better everyday pics of our families and the events of our lives. 
Objective met?  Yep!  Jenna was so wonderful to work with.  Totally laid back and didn't laugh at the fact that we knew absolutely nothing.  She even brought a beautiful model.  I only wish I'd taken some notes (the class was on a Fri evening after a particularly long work week), but now I just need to spend some time (what's that, right?) playing around.

And so... a few shots I took that night in Aug.   You can see (hopefully!) all the playing around we were doing... focusing on the subject, on the background, etc.  We were in this beautiful area near where I live.  It's modeled after a Croatian village and no detail has been left undone.  This is the church - it's gorgeous!

More Summer House List activities to come!

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