Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Semi-Homemade Summer List for the Summer House

When I saw this cute project on eighteen25, I knew I had to take the girls' inspiration.... and make it a little easier more semi-homemade....

We started immediately, at dinner one night last week.  We've got a list of 25 things we want to do this summer (which might be a little ambitious, because - last time I checked - I'm still working full time!)  A few things we included were:

Go to the zoo
Make homemade ice cream
Meet Baby Caiden
Watch fireworks
Fly on an airplane

I probably have scrapbook paper in storage that would be great for this project. ;)  But as soon as I can get to the Motherland (aka Hobby Lobby) for a frame and paper, I'm sooo finishing this project.  It'll go great with the Summer House Countdown I'm going to hang on the walls of our Dining Room.

Stay tuned and I'll show you the finished project and how I attempted to make it easier!  (I'm thinking some photoshop, a paper cutter and tape...) 

Happy Summer, y'all!


Natalie said...

Great minds!! I just blogged about wanting to do this SAME thing. I have a list going of our summer must-do's. All I need is a frame.

The Daily Stroll said...

What a cute idea! I may have to steal this and do one for our family! :)

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