Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year, New.... HOUSE (retitled!)

Formerly: Y'all are impressive (and hey - you still are!!)

Have y'all ever had a day/weekend/month when you've accomplished something that makes you sit back and say..... damn, I even impress myself! ;)

I find myself saying that, after my first productive weekend of 2010 (after the weekend from hell when 3 of us were sick, which was followed by a trip to OK for my grandmother's 90th bday party!) But hey, I work well with a deadline... and there's nothing like putting your house on the market to get ya movin'! Call me the Queen of Closets!

This weekend I cleaned/organized/purged from:

~ the closet under the stairs. Which now houses only the "little kitchen" and a few coats. 20 people will benefit from coats we're donating. I mean, we live in TX... why did we have so many coats?
~ the laundry room. Which was deceptively in need of more work than you'd think. And now does NOT house girls and boys clothes that don't fit or aren't in season.
~ G-man's closet. And drawers. He'll be 18 months on Jan 31st (my birthday!), so why the hell do I still have a boppy, a bouncy chair, a breast pump, and a baby floor gym in his closet?
~ the living room. Aka the playroom. The toybox and the 1800 toys that were invading my space. (If there's one thing I'm most excited about the new house... at this point... it's the downstairs playroom. I want to reclaim my living room! Send me your best playroom organizers - I'll be in the market soon for bookshelves, baskets & bins, you name it!)
~ the office. Even after living in this house for 2 yrs, I'm embarassed to say there are still a handful of boxes in this room that have never been unpacked. And lots of clutter. But no more! I packed 4 boxes to go into the office and lots to throw and donate!
~ my side of the master closet. I've only started in there.... but it's a start!

Then today I:

~ jogged - yea!!
~ took the whole fam grocery shopping
~ went to church
~ cooked 3 dinners! This week is going to be crazy - Mr. Fix-It and I both have deadlines! - so I had to prepare. I made 3 of my fav semi-homemade recipes: BBQ sloppy joes, Silver Dollar City skillet... and a new one, chicken broccoli linguine. I promise I'll get the recipes up this week!

So..... SHARE YOUR IMPRESSIVE FEATS! Tell me about the time you ran a 5k when you were 8 months pregnant.... or threw a huge party at a momen't notice..... or impressed in a presentation that led to your promotion.... or moved across the country to follow a dream...

And.... in exciting (yet totally unrelated) CELEBRITY NEWS.... my brother, who has this great job (courtesy of yours truly, who hooked him up with an old contact!) Anyway, tonight he's at the Saints game... in a suite.... and he just texted me a picture of himself with Kim Kardashian! How crazy is that?!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Nice work lady -- I need you to help me!

Tiffany said...

Elaine I envy you so much...please give me some of your motivation!!!

MaryBeth said...

Come to my house...please? rocked it this weekend! How did I miss that you are going to be moving again soon? I know that's the norm for you guys, but I guess I missed that it would be happening so quickly! There's nothing like putting your house on the market to get your butt in gear!

C. Beth said...

You are incredible.

Um...I cleaned the bathrooms yesterday morning even though I felt like crap with a head cold. That's all I've got. :)

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