Monday, January 25, 2010

New Year, New....LOOK

This is me:
I feel like I've had this hair style for a million years! Which is funny, because.... from junior high through college, I changed my hair cut and/or style all.the.time. I had the rachel, a short bob, blonde!!! hair (which I kept until I was 26!), strawberry blonde.... then tried being a brunette (for the first time!) at 26 and kept it.
I either look like the pic above.... or straight and sleek like the pic below (minus the witch hat, of course!)....

I've been ready for a change for awhile (but believe it or not, my hair stylist usually talks me out of it!) I have a square shaped face, so I can't get away with just any cut. So, I google hair styles for me and get this:
The perfect style for the square shaped face? Long, long and long!

Uh, great. ;)
Also good bets..... tapered bobs, long layers and sideswept bangs
What I should avoid? One layer bobs, blunt bangs and pixie cuts.
Oh, and did I mention that I have really thick hair? That's naturally curly and coarse? Yep, it's never simple. Which is why it's taken me forever to change it....
Some styles I found that I like....
This cut is cute.... I just worry about my hair cooperating with the sleekness. (I do own a chi so it's not out of the question....)

I love this touseled look.... not sure I'd have the patience for it on a regular basis, but maybe it would be a second styling option for the cut above....

This is a similar cut... ;)

I've always loved more dramatic cuts.... think Rhianna...... and really carefree looks... like Kate Hudson..... but not a fashion forward teen.... or a bohemian beauty.... I'm a busy, working momma of 2.... with thick hair (did I mention that?!) and not alot of time!
I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, so I'm off to bed with my InStyle mag, to look for inspiration! What do y'all think?
ETA!!! I'm not thinking I'll go as short as some of these cuts.... more shoulder length.... basically, similar cut that I have now if I got rid of the bottom (long!!!) layer. Make sense? ;)


Ellen said...

Wow. Do you really think you would want to cut that much off? Part of the greatness of long when you have thick, coarse hair is that is weighs down the unruliness. That is why I have not changed since the disaster of 2002. :) Katie's hair is cute though...

Lipstick said...

Oh my goodness gracious...I cannot even believe what I am seeing! You may not even believe me.

My hair is your current hair.
I have taken THAT pic of Jenny McCarthy and THAT pic of Jessica Simpson to my hairstylist in the past when I got restless.

I got tired.
I have now grown my hair back out to the top pic (that is, your pic).

so sorry, I'll bet that is not what you want to hear.

I have "cured" my restlessness with a few layers and some highlights (and the memory of how long it took me to grow out my hair...). It was a lot of fun in the beginning though.

Heather said...

I love your hair right now, but know what you mean about a change! I am going today to get a hair cut, eek! I think you would look with a hair cut like Jenny's, you could totally pull that off!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

I just did the same thing. I have had the same hair style for years now. Straight, long, no bangs. I just need something easy. Not a lot of time for myself these days. I'm sure you can relate.

Anyway I just chopped off about 4 inches. It's a little shorter than shoulder length and I love it! I may even go a little bit shorter next time.

Can't wait to see!!!

*kimmie* said...

I LOVE a good change in my hair. However, with very fine hair, I don't get tooo many options! Can't wait to see the change!

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