Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

I had so, so much fun with Kelly's Where You Live Friday tours.... and now I've found something else I think I can really get into. Kelsey at The Seattle Smiths is a "true Texan".... I love that. Mr. Fix-It and I feel like true Texans, too! And she's the host of the weekly wishful wednesday (that I'll undoubtedly never have done on an actual wednesday!)
This week's topic is:
'I wish' .... I had the startup funds to build that company I have always dreamt about, and it would be _____!
Wow...... how much have I thought about this for the last several years! I have several.....several business ideas that I'd love to carry out! I dream (pretty much daily) of having the flexibility that some of these businesses would give me... not being chained to a desk for 60-70 hrs a week... the freedom to be creative and love what I'm doing, be passionate about it! Lately, I'm actually praying very hard about this..... what the perfect mix of work and life is and how to get there. My most important resolution for 2010 is to make progress on this!
So... I'll share with you just one of my (many!) start up ideas!
Have you ever been disappointed when hunting for the right venue for a big party, shower, kids' party or family get together? Everything is too expensive, too inflexible..... That's where my business comes in!
I'd have Mr. Fix-It build me a big building on the outskirts of Our Town. The building would be simple, but the facade would be gorgeous (and Mr. Fix-It could make all that happen on a relatively tight budget!) Inside, I'd have a room big enough to be a ballroom, fit for a wedding reception (but that could be divided into 2 rooms, if needed). Along the side, would be a row of smaller rooms, perfect for a bridal shower, little girls' tea party birthday, baby shower, family get together. I'd decorate each room - there would be different themes or color schemes (nothing over-the-top... think a traditional room that would be decorated alot like my house.... a modern room, maybe black and white damask.... maybe a girly room, something shabby chic!) And we'd provide the basics in the small rooms (tables, chairs, a bar maybe....) I would build contacts with other small business owners (my fav!! people!) so that I could recommend any service they'd ever need - from food to photography to flowers.... I'd love to offer anything from a total do-it-yourself for the customer looking to save a complete package where I take care of all the details.
Still not sure what I'd call the venue/service.... but I'm guessing y'all will have some great ideas! I wish I had time to do some searches and show you pics of what I'm thinking in my head.... maybe I'll get to that and share sometime soon. Ahhh, I love dreamin'.....


Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

I love your blog! Im a new follower :)

short southern momma said...

ohhhh good one! Kelsey is the will have a blast with WW! XOXO

Jess said...

I have thought about doing that exact same thing in my small hometown because trying to find a wedding reception venue there was difficult! And when you don't have much to pick from, you kind of have to deal with what is there no matter what the condition or price of the place!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am so very thrilled you played along!! You seem so creative and caring, and I love it!

*By the way, your kids are just beautiful!

*kimmie* said...

I used to work for a wonderful place on the outskirts of Mansfield just like that. A wonderful couple opened their (large and gorgeous) home as a wedding venue. It was a fabulous job and I just know they loved what they did!

Val said...

"The Party Place"

I can see it now! You should GO FOR IT!!!!

Heather said...

Love your idea, such a good one! You are so pretty and I love reading your blog and following along!

John said...

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