Monday, January 18, 2010

What is it about baby names?

Okay, first off.... let's settle one question. I am, most definitely, NOT pregnant.

Why are baby names so fascinating? Why do I know a couple dozen girlfriends who will happily discuss their fav names, regardless of status - pregnant momma-to-be, hopeful future momma, single crazy gal, newly married bride, or mom of many kiddos?

My inspiration to talk baby names? ivillage must know of our obsession and has published the Top 10 Baby Name Trends of 2010 (but you know I'm just gonna pick my favorites to share with you!) They say that after a year of over-the-top baby names, "tradition will become the trend." So.... come chat with me and share YOUR fav names!

1. Virtue names. These names are a comfort after a year filled with scandal (think Tiger Woods!) and recession (boo!).

~~Trendy names: Hope, Grace, Honor, True
~~My take: I've always loved names like Hope (I started watching Days of Our Lives when I was 6!), Faith and Grace!

2. Olympic names. So many cool ways to go with this - have you always loved Russian names? Pay attention to the athletes from that country. Have a favorite vacation spot, honeymoon location or dream destination? There will be cool & exotic names everywhere!

~~Trendy names: Apolo, Tucker
~~My take: The 2008 summer games started 8 days after G-man was born and I used to joke that I'd seen more olympics than anyone (they'd air the most obscure olympian sports between 1-6am!) And Tucker was on MY list with G-man...

3. Bird Names. The cutesy bedroom decor theme has crossed over to baby names!

~~Trendy names: Lark, Sparrow, Wren
~~My take: While I love owls and birdies (I mean, you've seen Big Sis's room, right?), but I'm not sure I'm so 'wild' about this trend. Except Arden - what a cute name!

4. Vampire Mania Names.Or obsession. Seriously, as the wife of a True Blood fan, I can tell you that this vampire stuff is everywhere.

~~Trendy names: Bella, Edward, Rosalie, Sookie
~~My take: Seriously? Sookie? Um.... I probably stand alone on this one, but I draw the line here and say the vampire stuff is out.of.control.

5. Trade Names. Also known as: my favorite category of names for boys. Ever. Love them. (Love these and 'last names as first names!')

~~Trendy names: Cooper, Jagger, Mason, Sawyer, Porter, Gardener, Carter
~~My take: Most these names were on my list with G-man. Okay, except Gardener. I had to be talked out of naming G-man Fisher. And Baker. But don't think I won't try to sneak a few of these names on our list next time around....

What are your kids' names? Future kiddo's names? Fav new trendy names? Family names? I'm always adding to my list.... for the distant, distant future. ;)

And tonight I pause in memory of Anna.... truly an inspirational momma... part of a family of moms I've known for almost 5 yrs....who helped me thru my first pregnancy (and second!) and the trials of being a new mommy. She is gone too soon and will always be remembered....


Tiffany said...

We're delving into this whole baby name thing right now :) If this next kiddo is a boy his name will be Eli Ellsworth...Ellsworth is my grandpa's middle name and he has been the most important man in my life. Girls names...right now I have not a clue :(

C. Beth said...

Of course you can link to my post on Anna--I'd be honored. I agree, Elaine, we January '06 mamas have a bond. You guys were absolutely amazing when my husband was sick--a very REAL part of my support network. I'm still in shock this morning, don't even know how to process it.

Seersucker Scrapper said...

We almost named Little T Hope (if he was a girl). Sadly and joyfully we will not be adding to the Seersucker brood, but if we did I would want Parker for a boy and Makena for a girl. Both are old family names.

Interesting fact both of my little ones have maiden names for their middle names. Chesney for Little Miss M was Mr. SS's mothers maiden name and Little T's is Miller, which is my maiden name.

Bombtastic Belle said...

I got to help my sister name her two kids, and I adore baby names, it's a sickness really.

I picked Aimee Mae for her daughter sicne she found out she was pregnant the month our grandmother died (Amy), and Mae is after our step=grandmother, and our other grandmother was Mary, so they're all in the name.

I named her son Tucker Cole - no reason behind it besides I liked it. *lol*

I came across a list of baby names I like din high school, and I've been lugging them around ever since. We already have our baby boy name picked out, but we can never decide on girls names. For some reason I adore Penelope for a middle name, and hubs hates it. *lol*

Sasha said...

You know I love "last names as first names". :-)

Natalie said...

I love names. I tried to convince my sister to let me name my neice sicne I would no longer be having babies & she would be able to name her next one.

I love classic, vintage names. I like different without too different. Last names as first names are great. My maiden name is Garner. My family tried to talk me into naming my sons after my family, but it just never felt right. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I loved it. I couldn't pair it with a super feminine middle name so Garner is my daughter's middle name. She's referred to by her first & middle name all the time.

My first son was very close to being a Taylor- after James Taylor. I was dead set on naming my 2nd son Brendan- after my mom Brenda. I took one look at him when he was born & just couldn't do it. It didn't fit. The poor child went almost 2 days without a name. Then once in the middle of the night while he was nursing, I looked at him & it just came to me. He was a Nathan.

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

I love love love baby names! Tucker was what we planned on naming Raleigh if she was a boy! Im currently dreaming up baby names for our next (not that Im pregnant)...I LOVE Arden-that may make my list :) I hope you dont mind if I steal you idea!

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