Monday, June 8, 2009

Where You Live Friday: Office Edition

Time again for my version of Where You Live Friday. Which you'll have noticed by now, is never actually ON Friday. Oh, well....

The entrance to the office - it's just as you walk in our front door. And to the right is our dining room (take that tour here!)
Big Sister is taking computers in school and now I have to fight her for computer time, LOL!

Seems like the office is full of our favorite things... A couple old pics of Big Sis on the file cabinet.

This bookshelf is FULL of memories and collectibles!

This shelf is our 'ode to Oklahoma State,' LOL. We love Pistol Pete, Eddie, Barry, Thurman... and the pic on the left is me with my 3 siblings - all OSU grads!

Two of my fav pics... one from our wedding day in 2002 and one of Big Sister and Mr. Fix-It on his first father's day in 2006.

And it wouldn't be our house without fleur de lis. Several of them. And those old books behind the candles were my grandfather's... I love those...

And it wouldn't be Mr. Fix-It's office without these. Rolls and rolls of house plans. Hmmmm, time to start looking through those for the next house!

I've had this map for ages but it wasn't big enough for the big wall in the office (I love how the golds and greens go perfectly with the green - 'rattan palm' - walls!). I found these metal wall hangings at my fav place (HL, duh!), and now it's done!

Upstairs is the kids' study. Not that they're studying yet. But put a computer up there, and Big Sis would be all over it, I guess....

I took all those blk & wht pics, hanging above the desk. They're all places on the campus of OSU - the library, Boone Pickens Stadium, Theta Pond, etc. The lower middle picture is a caricature of Mr. Fix-It and I that we had done in Miami, Spring Break 2000!

The desk and matching armoire used to be an antique white.... They were exactly what I wanted, just in the wrong color, so Mr. Fix-It made it happen and now they are black!

Thanks for looking! If you missed G-man's Pirate Nursery or Big Sister's Preppy Big Girl Room, be sure to check them out - they're my favorite part of our house! :)


Miss Priss' Momma said...

Ok, wasn't I just upstairs? Y'all have been busy hanging!!

MissBliss said...

Fun! I love how you have taken such care in displaying special pictures, and love the Miami one, of course :)

Lori said...

Hi! I just found your blog from Kelly's Korner. I love your home office! You have great style! You had me at the fleur de lis! LOL!

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