Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Because it seems like we could all use a little break....

OMG, I LOVE these!!!

First off, I'm a heels girl..... I know flats are all the rage, and I've really tried to get into that. I even bought a cute pair and wore them (a little) this fall. But... I'm a tall girl in a short girl's body. ;)

Secondly, these are metallic. As in, goes-with-anything, a neutral!

Thirdly, wedges are my fav. It's so easy to walk in them, to me, it's LIKE wearing a flat - that easy!

Then it doesn't hurt that they're Coach. I have a pair of Coach slides that I've had since right after Big Sis was born and I STILL love 'em! Hmmm, I just wish I could find a slightly dressier black version of this!

All the cute sandals are coming out, so you'll probably hear more from me on this topic. But I've got a HUGE meeting tomorrow (Coach just happened to email these to me - so sweet, dontcha think?).... so now back to work!


Sasha said...

Those are so pretty! Sigh... off to look at Coach shoes! They know us so well.

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Oh I am right there with ya about trying out flats but loving heels! Wedges are my all time favorite too! Love those!

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