Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Little Southern Lady

As I think back to my first mother's day, I can't help but smile. MY child was the most amazing thing ever, I thought she just hung the moon. And I still do. I like to call her my Little Southern Lady.... and on that day, my first mother's day, we celebrated her baptism.

My Little Southern Lady has all the characteristics of your average Southern gal...

She's got the drawl. She says things like:
Mom, let's have chill-ay (chili).

She's polite. She says "yes ma'am" if she thinks she might be in trouble or if she's trying to impress. ;)

She's got the 'look.' She loves to have her nails and toes painted pink. She insists on wearing dresses, even if she's sick and on her way to the dr. Over the weekend, she let me put sponge curlers in her hair!

She makes me and Mr. Fix-It so proud. Even the tough teachers say she's their best helper and the most compassionate friend. That she's polite and mature for a 3yo. That she acts older and sets a good example. And when I'm stressed (like I've been - sorry for yesterday's rant), these things make me relax a little and feel like I'm doing something right....

Here she is, being baptized in our church.

We had an entire weekend celebration! Everyone came in to town on Friday - family from both sides. Saturday we did some things together and ended with a big BBQ at our house, followed by a family bowling outing! Sunday, we had brunch before church and celebrated mother's day. Then off to her baptism. Everyone was anxious to get on the road afterwards, and we'd had a big breakfast, so we sent everyone home with goody bags of snacks and drinks for the road!

Here's the cutie in a semi-homemade baptismal photo shoot! ;)

Awww..... she was 5 months old, and that was 3 yrs ago. How time flies...

Thanks for being my sweet Little Southern Lady, Big Sis!
(Okay, gotta finish up at work and GET HOME!)


MaryBeth said...

That's it...I want a GIRL! So sweet :)

MissBliss said...


I remember my great grandmother asking my little sister, with her Tennessee accent, if she wanted a piece of "pa". My sister said, Mom, what is pa? (Pie!)

Happy Mother's Day coming up... :)

My little sister gets married the day before Mother's Day this year and when she heads off on the honeymoon, we are doing a Mother's Day brunch for the moms... :)

Sasha said...

Awwww.... so gorgeous!

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