Thursday, April 9, 2009

40 hours and counting....

That's how many hours I had already worked by the time I left the office at 2:30 today to take Big Sis to her 3 yr well appt at the pedatrician. Yes, the one I thought I could 'skip.' Turns out that when your daycare is being audited by the state they need all the necessary paperwork. By tomorrow. Sigh. I wonder how much it'll cost us for them to tell us that she's tall (duh), that her BMI is low and that she's hit every developmental milestone for her age and then some.

I had my Big Financial Meeting at work today (the monthly one that I run), and lots of big changes came out of it that I wasn't expecting. So... I'll be leaving my house at 5:30am tomorrow (I don't even want to think about what time I'll be getting up!) so that I can hope to finish up by noon so we can leave town.

Oh, yeah, and that's IF the whole state of Oklahoma hasn't caught fire. Have y'all heard of this? I talked to my mom and sis earlier and it sounds bad. They've been asked to evacuate.... It's all over the news, but if you haven't heard anything, you can click here. Keep them all in your prayers - my family and lots of close friends live across the state and it sounds like this is far reaching. Very scary.

Good thing we have this to make us smile. This picture is from a week or so ago (you can tell because it's pre rocker hair cut) and Gman is getting oh so close to crawling. Which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I've GOT to start baby proofing!!

Okay, gotta go. I've got 3 loads of laundry to do AND get us all packed up and ready to go. Mr. Fix-It is having a well deserved break (I say that because he's had the kiddos alone every night this week while I've been working my butt off.) He's at a going away party for one of the guys that was laid off. And all I know is that he walked out the door this evening with his Rock Band. ;) I won't be waiting up.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Good luck tomorrow!! said...

Good to know im not the only crazy busy mom out there! Great ideas on juggling family with work too.Your babies are beautiful!

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