Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Semi-Home Easter Craft

Dear Target,
Thanks for catering to us semi-homemade moms. This was so easy, so fun, and so cheap (on sale for $7)! And from the second I saw this bunny house kit (complete with EVERYTHING you need!), I knew it had Big Sis written all over it!
Kisses, a semi-homemade mom

..... Now, I'm sure all you crafty mommas could bake up your own cookies... then sort thru your pantry to find the right mix of sprinkles, candy and frosting.... but then it wouldn't be semi-homemade, right? Show offs ;) .....

Here's Big Sis - she was so excited! (I put down those sticky place mats that you take to restaurants - they're a lifesaver for easy/easiER clean up!)

While Big Sis worked on decorating the roof with frosting and sprinkles...

I worked on putting the foundation of the house. Mr. Fix-It would be so proud!

Here you can get a feel for our overall... ahem... design. ;) Big Sis had a method to her madness - 1 jelly bean on the roof, 1 in her mouth... then another 1 in her mouth if I wasn't looking.

Big Sis was adding the candy ducks and bunnies to the frosting 'yard' and 'pond' I added in front of the house.

Here's a picture of our final product. Honestly, the other side was alot cuter, but Big Sis insisted I write her name, her brother's name, and mommy and daddy to the other side of the roof. And I didn't have time to photoshop out the names!


Becky said...

I saw those at Target, too! That's a great deal, you couldn't even buy the ingredients separately for $7. It turned out very cute!

*kimmie* said...

SO cute! Makes me want to make one myself!

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