Saturday, April 25, 2009

Before & After - G-man's new noggin!

Ohigosh, you guys..... Mr. Fix-It and I could not have been prouder at baby G-man's graduation from Cranial Technologies! Spending yesterday afternoon and evening with a helmet-free baby was sooooo nice! And when he was first diagnosed with plagiocephaly, we just thought this day was so far into the future. But now it's here! Yea!

So after 98 of these:
Part of the regimen was that we had to bathe G daily. For 98 straight days (seriously, I think we only missed 2 days! And I know there are some mommas that bathe their kids everyday.... but man, it's alot of pressure to HAVE to do it everyday, esp with the kinda schedule y'all know we keep over here!) Anyway, after all those baths, we can finally skip a day here and there!

And after an ENTIRE bottle of this:

The helmet had to be cleaned nightly and then left to dry during that 1 hour G got to be helmet free.

WE ARE DONE!!!! Woo hoo! Okay, so on to the good stuff, the before and after pics!
Look how much he's grown up over the last 4 months (before pics on left/after on right)! And how much he's thinned out! Here's the front view.... His head is less wide, but this isn't the most obvious pic.
The way I understand it.... there's a standard deviation, a range, that's considered 'normal' for a child of his age/sex. The acceptable range is -2 to +2. G-man started at a +4.6 in Dec, and...... (drumroll, please!).... he's now at a +2.1!!!!! I was excited just to SEE the results, but something about having numbers to quantify it, made me all the happier (I know, too many years in retail!)
The back view.... again, less width, which was the goal! (And, um, okay... it's time for a haircut AGAIN!)

This pic shows HUGE change! Here you can really see just how flat our sweet boy's head really was. Now we have rounded out the back significantly, as well as the top... I mean, WOW! Look at the difference! What a sweet profile.... :)

View from the other side.

This top view shows he does still have a little of a flat spot in the same place that he originally did... on the right. BUT, you can really see here how he went from a really WIDE head to getting alot of lengthening and right at that perfect lenght-width ratio!

We had our doubts about this process (esp Mr. Fix-It, he'll be the first to tell you!), but we're so glad we did it. Now G will have a near perfect head for a lifetime (and don't misunderstand me - we didn't do this for purely cosmetic reasons - there were medical ones as well... I'm just not going into all those here!) And now it's all behind us.... well, except those payments... we'll be making those until he turns 2 next summer!!
Happy Graduation, sweet baby boy!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The difference is incredible!!! Enjoy the weekend :)

*kimmie* said...

Such amazing progress! Congratulations!!!

MaryBeth said...

Yay G-man! He is absolutely adorable.

The Vinson Five said...

Yeah!! He is such a handsome little guy!

Kristie said...

That's so awesome! I am sure yall are thrilled to not have to deal with that anymore. And G-man is just as handsome as ever!

Becky said...

Congratulations on getting the helmet off! What an amazing difference it made!

Sasha said...

Amazing- looks fabulous!

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