Friday, April 17, 2009

Night Driving

I have tons of mommy friends that swear to me night driving is the best thing since being able to sleep thru the night. I have had my doubts and now I know why....

I am TOO tired for night driving. Or even night I'll-stay-awake-and-keep-the-driver-awake riding. While Mr. Fix-It drives the whole way here. (Thank you, babe!) My days are much too long to be on the road til 1am. But that's what time we got home. After I had to RUN out of my big meeting to make it to preschool orientation. 10 minutes late. But it was awesome. Great info from the teacher (who I never see because my kids are some of the last to be picked up - which is sad, I know, don't get me started...) And I met the parents of 2 girls who Big Sis talks about ALL THE TIME - "Sinny" (i.e. Sidney) and Samantha. Anyway, orientation ran 30 min late.... then we had to eat, pack and finally pulled out at 8:45. For our 4 hour drive.

Anyway, Big Sis does NOT sleep in the car... so why would the fact that it was past her bedtime change that? Um, yeah, it didn't. She slept for 2 1-hour stretches.... then whined and was upset the other 2 hours. Love that. Esp since, by then, I was a cranky momma. G-man rocked it though, and slept the whole way with one small exeption. Thank you, G-man!

And my kids never sleep later when they go to bed.... no! They're just totally sleep deprived the next day. Just ask Big Sis.... I hope both kiddos and Mr. Fix-It are able to take amazing naps this afternoon. While I'm sitting in a board meeting until 5. Oooh, better get going - it's time to get there! More from me later. We're heading to the OSU spring scrimmage tomorrow with both our kiddos and my sis and her munchkin - should be chaotic, hysterical and super orange.


Natalie said...

My kids never slept later when they stayed up late either. They just get overemotional & cranky. Even my 12 year old will cry at the drop of a hat if he hasn't had enough sleep.

Katie said...

My 3 year old won't sleep during night road trips, either. The best luck we've had was leaving at 4am for a 4 hour drive. He didn't sleep then either, but he seemed so confused about why we'd woken him up and put him in the car in his pjs that he remained absolutely silent until the sun came up.

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