Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where you Live Friday: Media Room, Playroom, Laundry Room

This week on Where You Live Friday over at Kelly's Korner.... it's Playrooms (what room isn't a playroom?!), Bonus Rooms (we call ours the movie room!), and Laundry Rooms (check out how this working momma gets everyone out the door in the morning!)

My hubby Mr. Fix-It is a builder and homes are our biggest hobby! In this house, we knew we were going to do a media room and we couldn't wait to start having Family Movie Nights! (We're having one tonight to celebrate Father's Day - Madagascar 2, anyone?)

The double door entrance to the theater, with our personalized wooden theater sign hanging overhead:

We've been dreaming of getting actual theater room furniture ever since we moved in a year and a half ago. But this damn recession... ;) Luckily, we've still got this furniture from early in our marriage and it's working just fine!

Warning: you could get too cozy in this chair to ever get up!
You can see one of the sconces... they're on dimmers so we can have just the right amount of light for kiddos to see snacks or in case anyone is getting scared. ;)

We've got 3 pictures hanging of old movie theaters... this is an old Hollywood theater.

And what movie room doesn't have a few framed movie posters up? Mr. Fix-It insisted on The Godfather (what manly man doesn't love that one?) ;) and we both love Walk The Line... with Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix and that cutie Ginnifer Goodwin!
And that's the couch I got right out of college.... when I was still living like a poor college kid!

We've been talking about hanging thick, nice, velvet curtains (my mom was gonna make them) on this wall with the tv.... making it more like a theater.... but it hasn't happened yet either!

This is our official playroom (although more actual playing goes on in our Living Room!) There is a tv and baskets full of toys in the black armoire, and tons of crayons and other craft supplies in the kids' desk.

But it's more than just a playroom! It's also where I have worked through the Couch to 5k up to jogging 3 miles now!

I should be up their now.... but I hurt myself being graceful this morning (it's a regular occurrence, I'm clumsy!) and I think I broke 2 of my toes. Seriously. I can't move them and they've been swelling up for an hour now.... I hope I feel better soon, because I don't stay sane if I don't jog regularly!

And for the laundry room.... Some of you will remember the Semi-Homemade Organizational System I showed y'all back in March. But, for those of you who haven't seen it, here you go!

I got these great canvas organizers at One Step Ahead (they're only $20/ea if you order 2 or more!), and then had my friend Mrs. Everything embroider the kiddos' (actual) names on them! Then I photoshopped some of my fav pics of them into Days of the Week cards!
As an example, here is Big Sis on Tuesday - hers have the English, Spanish (hello, we live in Texas!) and French days of the week on them, so we can all learn it!

Here is G-man's Thursday:

And a close up.... These organizers hang in the laundry room. I lay out EVERYTHING on Sundays. I put their outfit (down to socks and undies), and their PJs for the night, all in that day's compartment. Helps us get out of the house in the mornings big time!! (And since they hang in the laundry room, I can put stuff straight from the dryer to the organizer!)

Next week is Master Bedrooms - yea! I love mine (Mr. Fix-It did a good job in there), although I'm not sure it's as exciting as Big Sister's Preppy Bedroom and G-man' Pirate Nursery! Happy weekend, y'all!


*kimmie* said...

Love the media room. I want that chair!!! Love it!

Polkadots & Paisleys said...

Yea! I am so glad that you are excited! I have the cutest little pirate that I've been dying to use, so we'll see if you like it. My email address is

Sasha said...

Oh no! Your poor toes! I've broken my baby toes a million times.... I know it hurts! Hugs!

Laurie said...

You won over on tip junkie! Please contact Catherine with your mailing address to redeem your prize.

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