Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feel your.... boobies!

Ha! This morning I had the pleasure of having my 4th mammogram... I'm only 31. But my mom was diagnosed at age 36 - super young! My dr. is super proactive (yea!) and she ordered up a 'benchmark' mammogram for me at age 25. Then I've been measured against that benchmark every 2 years. I'm pretty sure that I'll now be going EVERY year, but it's something to check with my dr. when I see her next in Sept.
I'll never forget the day my mom was diagnosed... I was 10. (Which means my mom has been a SURVIVOR for over 20 years! For her 20 year anniversary, my siblings and I got her a PINK ipod to use while walking!) Anyway, I was at a friend's house for the afternoon.... but oddly, my grandmother - who lived 4 hours away in KS - unexpectedly came to pick me up. That set the alarms off, immediately.... At home, my dad was crying. I'd never, ever seen him cry before. They gave me the news that mom was sick... would be in/out of the hospital... that my 2 youngest siblings (age 6 and 4) would be going to KS for awhile to stay with grandparents while dad took care of me and my 8 yr old sister at home. That's the first time in my life that I've felt the fear of uncertainty. That fear is probably what keeps the day so fresh in my mind, even 21 years later.
My mom is an amazing lady and went thru chemo, a masectomy, and more. Luckily, the advances that have been made since she went through everything are remarkable. I'm thankful that my risks are as low as they possibly could be, based on the preventitve screenings we're doing. I'm hoping for the best, but the truth is.... even if one of these screenings turns up with something, it'll be caught so much earlier than ever before, increasing the chances of successful treatment.
That was the conversations the tech was having with me this morning. Btw, the ladies where I get my mammograms are SO sweet that you just WANT to go! I'm serious! They're the most pleasant, compassionate women.... I almost considered asking them if they were hiring - who wouldn't want to work in that kind of environment?
So, as my PSA..... check your boobies! (You can click on the pic above to go to and see what they're doing to raise awareness.)


MissBliss said...

Wow, what a story! You were really young when this affected you! You're right, this is soooo important. My grandmother had it young, and my best friend from college was diagnosed in late 20's.

We have to take good care of ourselves and each other... ;)

Sasha said...

Wow... I did not know this! So glad your mom has done so well since her diagnosis. And so glad your dr is proactive!

Becky said...

How wonderful that your mom is a 20-year survivor! My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and she is in remission now. I hope she makes it to her 20th anniversary, as well. :-)

How scary that must have been, for you to go through all that at fear and uncertainty such a young age!

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